This month, we celebrate our fifth anniversary of launching this blog.

Since 2008, we have witnessed and written about the good, the bad and the ugly in Ontario condominiums, including:

  • continued explosive growth in new condo construction;
  • new usages of the condominium concept (hotels, resorts, parking facilities);
  • exponential growth of investor ownership and foreign investor ownership;
  • dwindling engagement and participation by unit owners in their condo’s affairs;
  • unit owners and occupants becoming increasingly sophisticated but (for some) unduly self-entitled;
  • greater numbers of condo occupants suffering serious mental health issues;
  • courts and tribunals grappling with the influx of people, pets and parking cases;
  • rising backlash against directors who abuse their powers and position;
  • more frauds against condo corporations, including one of epic proportion;
  • growing complexity of the legal and regulatory landscape facing owners, directors and managers;
  • success stories of condos stepping back from the brink and tales of others that plunge right off;
  • increasing condo manager professionalism and the prospect of licensing and self-regulation;
  • condo mediation achieving critical mass and acceptance at long last;
  • governments reviewing and revising their condo laws

…to name just a few.Continue Reading At 5 years: Our changing skyline