This month, we celebrate our fifth anniversary of launching this blog.

Since 2008, we have witnessed and written about the good, the bad and the ugly in Ontario condominiums, including:

  • continued explosive growth in new condo construction;
  • new usages of the condominium concept (hotels, resorts, parking facilities);
  • exponential growth of investor ownership and foreign investor ownership;
  • dwindling engagement and participation by unit owners in their condo’s affairs;
  • unit owners and occupants becoming increasingly sophisticated but (for some) unduly self-entitled;
  • greater numbers of condo occupants suffering serious mental health issues;
  • courts and tribunals grappling with the influx of people, pets and parking cases;
  • rising backlash against directors who abuse their powers and position;
  • more frauds against condo corporations, including one of epic proportion;
  • growing complexity of the legal and regulatory landscape facing owners, directors and managers;
  • success stories of condos stepping back from the brink and tales of others that plunge right off;
  • increasing condo manager professionalism and the prospect of licensing and self-regulation;
  • condo mediation achieving critical mass and acceptance at long last;
  • governments reviewing and revising their condo laws

…to name just a few.

Not surprisingly, technology and the way we use it has also changed dramatically in recent years.   

To mark our milestone anniversary and to lay the foundation for the next five years, we are pleased to present the new and improved Ontario Condo Law Blog.   We hope that our new platform and appearance will serve you better with:

  • Easier reading on mobile devices like phones and tablets;
  • Cleaner interface;
  • Superior print function;
  • Additional search options in the Archives page;
  • Niftier mailer for our email subscribers;
  • Improved commenting platform;
  • Tighter social media integration; and
  • An updated skyline!

As with the state of condominium law in Ontario, there has been plenty of change in our city’s beautiful skyline.  It is only fitting that we retire our banner graphic of the old (pre-2000) Toronto skyline:

Then: Toronto’s skyline around 2000 (or so)

With the new:

...and now.
And now: Toronto’s skyline in October 2013
(Photo by Tammy Hoy Photography)

We don’t know what the future holds or how our skyline will look in 2018 or beyond, but we will be watching, listening and ready to share our perspective.

Thanks for reading our blog and for sending your comments, sharing our articles with friends and colleagues or submitting ideas for future pieces.   So long as you keep reading, we’ll keep writing.