John Warren, a long-time Director & Past President of CCI-Toronto, was everyone’s friend in condo world.  He passed away peacefully on September 29, 2023. 

John received his CA designation in 1973 and spent 2 years at a large audit firm in Brussels, enabling his wife, Beatrice and him to tour around Europe. 

He completed his first condo audit in 1984 – but then proceeded to build a thriving condo audit department at Adams & Miles LLP, Professional Chartered Accountants.  He said, “I realized that I liked condo audits.  I liked the people, the sense of community and all the different ways that directors and managers operated the condos they were responsible for.” 

John saw firsthand the difference between CCI and ACMO-educated directors and managers compared to those who had not attended their courses.  He was amazed by the diversity of intricate topics published in Condovoice and CM magazines.

During John’s tenure at CCI-Toronto, he promoted progress in its educational programs, including ACMO’s and CCI’s informative annual Condominium Conference sessions.  John volunteered on various committees of CCI and ACMO and is well-known for his articles and seminars analyzing financial, audit, investment, and reserve fund issues. 

As his audit practice grew, “I was exposed to all the ways that people govern condos, for better and for worse.”  At condos under dire financial stress, John had the unique ability to impress reluctant owners with the need to face up to the financial realities.  His audit presentations at AGMs “were always enjoyable, no matter how contentious the issues, as these meetings showed that people were involved in their condo community.  Condos have come a long way, and most are now financially stable.  I am very pleased to have been a part of that process.”

John proactively participated in producing the Institute of Chartered Accountants’ condo bible, Accounting and Auditing Guidelines for Ontario Condominium Corporations.  From 1995-2001, John suggested improvements to the pre-existing Condominium Act.  As a member of the experts’ panel, he focused on financial statements and reserve fund study issues. 

For three years, John, Beatrice and their RV explored Canada coast to coast to coast.  John and I have often traded weekends at our wilderness cottage hideaways or tilting wind on his beautiful 30’ C&C sailboat, Moxie.  John, Greg Ross, Bill Boyd and I have annually flown far back into the wilderness of Temagami or into Grey Owl territory for week-long fishing drinks (comparing brands of single malt scotch in a canoe seemed as compelling as nature’s enchantment).

We will miss John as a very good friend to us all.