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Lien registration is lawyers’ work

Posted in Case Studies, Financial Issues, Legislation & Regulation
A recent small claims court decision signals the end of condo management firms preparing, registering and discharging condominium liens in-house. Page v. Maple Ridge Community Management Ltd., 2017 CanLII 21772 began when a unit owner at YCC 34 failed to pay a special assessment in time. YCC 34’s management firm, Maple Ridge, used its in-house paralegal employee… Continue Reading

CRA non-profit revenue findings slowly trickling out

Posted in Financial Issues
As if there was any doubt, Canada Revenue Agency has been closely watching condominium corporations and other non-profit entities to see how much money is potentially escaping taxation. This undertaking has a big name and big acronym: Non-Profit Organization Risk Identification Project (“NPORIP”). Through an access to information request filed 2 years ago, charity lawyer… Continue Reading

Common expense collections policy redux

Posted in Financial Issues, Governance
We published a piece last May recommending that condominium corporations enact policies to collect common expenses in an orderly, systematic way. Unfortunately, we continue to see condo boards deliberately delaying the commencement of power of sale proceedings on liened units. Such delay brings added cost, wasted board time, greater hardship on unit owners in trouble… Continue Reading

The common expenses conundrum

Posted in Financial Issues
Many people who work with condominiums raised an eyebrow after reading a recent Toronto Star story entitled “Maintenance fees take a toll on Toronto condo owners.” The piece highlights the divergent philosophies about the interplay between common expenses and market values and the growing trend towards gathering, tracking and comparing common expenses data from building… Continue Reading

Fraud Alert: Rogue management firm at large in Halton

Posted in Financial Issues, Legislation & Regulation
It is not a lawyer’s usual role to alert the public about possible crimes being perpetrated by suspected criminals at large, but we feel compelled to do so when police and government fail to take action and leave condominium corporations vulnerable to a rogue. Boards of small condominium corporations in Halton Region should check whether… Continue Reading

Policy prescription for pain-free collections

Posted in Financial Issues, Governance
Some of the most uncomfortable conversations that condo directors, managers and lawyers have with unit owners take place when owners cannot afford the monthly common expenses for their unit. While it is natural to show compassion to someone in trouble, significant problems and potential liabilities arise by delaying prompt collection action. Ontario condominium corporations have… Continue Reading

Powers of attorney essential for condo unit owners

Posted in Financial Issues, Living Together, News and Events
To encourage people to carefully consider and protect their families, assets and affairs, the Ontario Bar Association has made April its “Make a Power of Attorney Month.” A power of attorney (“POA”) is a legal document that gives someone else the right to act on a person’s behalf. These documents can be used to oversee… Continue Reading

Double Taxation Avoided

Posted in Financial Issues
Here's a special update on a ruling that should be carefully considered by condo corporations that own any common amenities in the form of units. Those condos should get legal advice about filing a Request for Reconsideration with MPAC by the deadline of March 31, 2001.… Continue Reading