We used to regularly post blog entries featuring our most recent Condo Alert! newsletters but lost track a couple years ago.

This is an unforgivable oversight and we apologize to our faithful readers and especially to our associate Andrea Lusk, who has cranked out our newsletter for the past 8 years.  Condo Alert! is a visually appealing, high-quality newsletter that has become an “essential reading” item distributed in hardcopy at condo manager luncheons and educational conferences throughout Southern Ontario since 2008.

In response to popular demand, here’s a listing of our previously-unreported back-issues, with links to pdf versions for easy download. 


  • Ignoring harassment not an option for condo boards


  • When opposition becomes oppression: Director’s duties
  • Condo lien enforcement hits the highway


  • Proposed Condo Authority a valuable resource
  • Know your Deadlines


  • Top 10 Condo Law Cases of 2014


  • CO Detectors – See no CO, smell no CO, taste no CO
  • Watch Out: Developers limiting their liability for building defects!
  • Short-term leasing—problems and solutions


  • Top 10 Condo Law Cases of 2013


  • Elected to the Board…now what?
  • Human Rights – Preventative Measures

For a complete listing of all previous editions, search by the tag “Condo Alert!“.

Stay tuned for updates.

And we’re always interested to hear your suggestions as to topics of interest for future editions.   Send us your feedback anytime.