The latest issue of our newsletter, Condo Alert!, Winter 2021, features our Top 10 condo cases of 2021.  This past year saw a trend in condo decisions reinforcing the importance of mandatory mediation, more discretionary costs and in oppression applications.

This issue of Condo Alert! marks our 10th volume of GMA’s newsletter, with the first quarterly (ish) issue published Autumn 2008 (and, in case you are wondering what was of interest in August 2008, we covered:   trade-marking your condo’s name, the new Human Rights Tribunal processes, municipal fees on multi-unit building garbage collection and new clothesline regulations).

December 13 marked our 100th post since this blog began!!! Your continued interest and interaction means so much to us!  Welcome to all our new subscribers this year!  And thanks to our longtime readers.

We hope 2022 brings peace, stability and health.  Feel free to send your nuisances and annoyances in the CAT’s direction come Sunday.

All the best in the new year,