As usual, the delegate goodie bag at the ACMO/CCI Condo Conference in Toronto last November included a copy of our Condo Alert! newsletter.  That special conference edition featured a piece on recent court decisions about costs under section 134(5) of the Condo Act.   

Following on that theme, the Winter 2013 edition of our newsletter (distributed at the ACMO educational luncheons) includes further commentary on how courts are handling claims for those costs, and recaps our top 10 condo law cases of 2012.

We are now seeing a turning point in how courts award costs of Condo Act compliance cases. Condo boards and managers who aren’t aware of the new realities are at risk and the stakes are too high to be caught with your pants down. Staying ahead of the curve is downright essential, so download your free copies of the Condo Alert! today.

Given that the local groundhogs forecast an early spring this year, we’ve started work on the next season’s issue of the newsletter, to be released at the CCI Golden Horseshoe conference on April 27, 2013 in Hamilton. Let us know what other newsletter topics you’d like to read about.