Despite the hot weather and summer holidays, there was still some dynamite stuff in the blogosphere. Here are our picks for some of the best. 

Dispute Resolution Procedures for Condos & HOAs — Lisa Magill of the Florida Condo & HOA Law Blog shares some tips to help turn common homeowner frowns upside down. J

The Potential for Huge Liability and Murphy’s Law — Batten down the hatches! With natural and man-made disasters abound, the Community Associations Considerations Blog reminds us that not being prepared for the worst is not being prepared at all.

Failing To Obtain Regular Appraisals Can Hurt Associations After A Large Loss — Florida lawyer Corey Harris observes that too many condominiums fail to regularly update their insurance appraisals.   Ontario condos should take heed – your pre-July 2010 appraisal is now 8% too low thanks to HST.

Down Economy Exacerbates Strife Within Community Associations — Although lawyers can’t reduce the economic difficulty facing homeowner associations and condos, Daniel Zimberoff at the Northwest HOA and Condo Law Blog has tips to help avoid unnecessary conflict within homeowner communities during tough times.

The Law of Insubordination Not sure when employee insubordination amounts to just cause for dismissal? Toronto labour and employment lawyer Michael Fitzgibbon summarizes the state of the law in this sometimes vexing legal area.  

How Does Subrogation Work? — Chicago construction lawyer Joshua Glazov takes a crack at the answer and offers examples in both the insurance context and the construction financing setting.

The Condo Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI): What to Expect & Tips — The bloggers at remind us that doing a proper PDI requires more than just checking if the unit has four walls, ceiling and floor. Take your time and be thorough!

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Happy Friday the 13th.  Tell your building super not to walk under any ladders and remind owners to lock up their black cats for the day.