Welcome to this special "G20 – Get the hell out of Toronto" collection of microblog posts.

Seeing as how downtown Toronto will be "no man’s land" for much of the week and all weekend, now seems as good a time as any to skip town and take some holidays.  I’ll see you next week.

For those of you "working from home" this week, here’s some fun reading.  Recent big topics include Bill 168 (Workplace violence and harassment), human rights, smoking and, of course, the big summit itself.

Spoke with Jennifer Yang at @TorontoStar about the impact of#G20 on condos in #Toronto. Follow @Star_G8G20 for news and visit their blog.

Just spoke with @JeffreybGray, law reporter at @Globeandmail, about our firm’s preparations for the #g20 summit and a bit about condo law.

Closing a real estate deal in Toronto on June 25? You might want to change the closing date because of #G20: http://bit.ly/aYOw9g

Toronto Councillor warns downtown condos to check that their insurance covers damage from civil unrest before #G20 http://bit.ly/aPoz4l

RT @LizMo: Bah, security gates going up around my condo for the G20, the condo board "strongly suggest getting away for the week."

Barbarians at the gates! Toronto waterfront condos considering their own #G20 summit fences: http://bit.ly/d92q6Z (via @metrotoronto)

Toronto condo in the "dmz" braces for chaos: RT @Star_G8G20: A first-person account of life on the #G20 barricades: http://tiny.cc/zai5v

In R. v. McHale, ONCA gives an excellent review of the law on laying a private information: http://bit.ly/bXjOme (via @mortonsmusings)

ONHRT dismisses condo unit owner complaint after ONCA rules that single family use restriction does not violate Code: http://bit.ly/9wuyTn

Cigarette butts from balcony above – familiar? Condo resident tired of butts and excuses: http://bit.ly/aJDK4M (via @OttawaCitizen)

Good Canadian legal context here: RT @VPFranco: Human Rights and smoking bans in stratas and other multi-unit dwellings: http://ow.ly/1ZBWD

Nice job by @deanmccabe in setting up Facebook Group for Building Digital Communities in your Condominium – http://bit.ly/cBwtKh

Run your condo via Facebook?? The Use of Social Media in Association Governance: http://bit.ly/9TBPFa (via Colorado HOA Law Blog)

RT @canetwork: PA: Man Admits Beating HOA Landscaper With Shovel (and he didn’t call the mgr/board to complain) http://bit.ly/bdwc0w

RT @OntMinLabour: Video on our new Violence in the Workplace legislation in effect June 15/10: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMe_foAmTEY

RT @LawTimes: News: Even law firms unprepared for new workplace violence law http://bit.ly/aV9nng

RT @OntMinLabour: Workplace violence and harassment law comes in to effect today – http://tinyurl.com/29drz4b

Human rights claim by condo super fired in 2007 still lumbering thru the system: http://bit.ly/bsB0kY. Get legal advice when firing supers.

3rd kick at the can by Ont. MPP @rosariomarchese: Condominium Owners Protection Act, 2010 (Bill 79): http://bit.ly/dxlbWs

RT @rosariomarchese: I’ve just posted an audio file of my June 1 #Condo Forum, for those who missed out. Link here: http://bit.ly/dqVyEl

Sudbury condo corp alarmed at Vale Inco’s plan to dig new aggregate quarry nearby – (via North Bay Nugget): http://bit.ly/9TnC1w

RT @FOXBaltimore: Doggie DNA Testing Shot Down: Baltimore condo board decides not to go forth with doggie DNA testing. http://bit.ly/9DiUiO

Hear, hear! Condominium property managers – the unsung heroes: http://bit.ly/c2zpMe (via Yourhome.ca)