Here is this months’ instalment of condo-related goodies from around the blogosphere.

Top 10 Issues for 2010 and Beyond…. – Here’s a list of issues that associations are going to face this year and in the near term, courtesy of the Community Association Considerations blog.

ROC Presidents Must Vote at Board Meetings – Florida law blogger Scott Gordon helps shatter the misconception that association presidents can’t vote and explains how Robert’s Rules of Order is often misinterpreted.

Elections in HOAs and Condos – Can the Board Endorse Candidates? – California condo law guru Beth Grimm tackles this issue head-on. 

Show Me The Data – An "overwhelming majority" of Americans are satisfied with the governance and management of their community associations, according to a survey reported on the Community Associations Institute blog. Check out the data. Would the results be similar on this side of the border?

Private Rights or the Economic Survival of the Community—Which comes First? – Tyler Berding posts an interesting exchange on the Condos in Crisis blog about whether homeowner associations are undemocratic, and whether the answer matters or not. What do the anarchists in the crowd have to say about this?

Is your community considering an automated external defibrillator? – Florida condo lawyer Donna Berger outlines the relevant factors to consider. Keep in mind that Ontario passed a “Good Samaritan” law in 2007 related specifically to defibrillators. Look into getting one of these life-saving devices.