For a short month filled with Olympic excitement (Yay Canada!), there was still plenty of great condo-related stuff in the blogosphere in February. 

Businesses should learn from 2010 Olympics surveillance camera debate — Winnipeg privacy lawyer Brian Bowman emphasises the importance of having appropriate policies in place to manage the data recorded by surveillance cameras. If your condo has surveillance cameras, you need to implement proper written policies.

Association Driving You Nuts? – Take Out a Creepy Newspaper Advertisement — Roger Wood of Arizona law firm Carpenter Hazlewood blogs about the slings and arrows hurled at HOA/condo boards and their professionals and offers some constructive suggestions to the malcontents who give “barbarians at the gate” a bad name.

Would a Condo and HOA Board Member Draft Solve Our Problems? — Donna Berger debates condo conscription.    She also offers some important negotiation tips for community association members in Association Negotiations 101!

When Homeowners Associations Attack — Seattle condo and HOA attorney Kevin Britt offers advice to help directors avoid finding themselves the subject of a news headline like "HOA Sues Former Board for $70 Million."

There’s No Such Thing as a "Slam Dunk"! A True Story — California Condo & HOA lawyer Beth Grimm offers an important reminder about condo litigation. Her advice: Don’t Get Bamboozled Into A Lawsuit! 

When Homeowners Associations Attack — Seattle condo and HOA attorney "HOA Sues Former Board for $70 Million". 

Warning Buyers about Noisy Neighbours — Brian Madigan of the Ontario Real Estate Blog offers a realtor’s perspective on one of the most bedevilling situations for anyone trying to sell a property.

Coping with the Demands of an Aging Population — The estate lawyers at Hull & Hull highlight the most recent reports on the growing cost of our aging population.   Are condos going to be impacted by this demographic phenomenon?   You bet.

ROCs and Civil Rights — Scott Gordon of the Resident Owned Community law blog shares his experience visiting the National Civil Rights Museum and reflects on the important connection between civil rights and community living.