November was a busy month for condo professionals in the Greater Toronto Area. The Annual Condo Conference was a great hit, as was ACMO’s pub night and monthly educational luncheon.

Here are some of the best condo-related posts from the blogosphere last month. Click the bolded titles to view the entries.

Buyers hit with big bills for surprise adjustments – Bob Aaron describes the despicable practice of a  condo developer that saddles new unit purchasers with charges of up to $11K as an adjustment for increases in a levy charged by municipalities but never actually incurred or paid by the developer. Buyer beware.

The Essential Ingredient in Effective Management of Community Associations – Lawyer Tyler Berding describes the players, their perspectives and a number of sensible tips for minimizing disputes in community associations.

What does it mean to owe someone a fiduciary duty? – Florida HOA attorney Donna Berger discusses this commonly-used term and the obligations of condo directors. In a separate post called What should be expected of owners in community associations? she then lists some basic obligations of unit owners that should be common sense but are forgotten or ignored too often.    Fairness is a two-way street.

ROC Boards Should Use Common Sense and Compassion When Enforcing Rules – Scott Gordon of the Florida Resident Owned Community blog cites a recent example of a board acting sensibly in a rule enforcement situation.

The Mezuzah Conundrum – Religious Fixtures on Common Element Doorposts – Bradley Chaplick of Fine & Deo illustrates a delicate scenario that requires a delicate touch when it comes to declaration and rule enforcement. 

Toronto-area readers may wish to get their snow shovels ready.   The winter weather is finally about to begin.