From the many blog entries that might interest condo directors, owners and managers, here are some of the best of the past month.

Click the bolded titles below to read the entries.   Enjoy!

Do you know what your association attorney thinks of you? – Have you ever stopped to think about what your lawyer thinks of your condo and its board? Find out what’s on the minds of the lawyers at Donna Berger’s Florida law firm.

ROCs can use written rules to encourage civility at meetings – Scott Gordon of the Florida Resident-Owned Communities Law Blog suggests that passing rules to govern members’ conduct at annual meetings may be an appropriate way to deal with declining civility and courtesy.  Hear, hear!

Use Prepaid Credit Cards for Online PurchasesCanadian Capitalist suggests using prepaid credit cards to minimize risk when shopping online. My thought:  Condos that provide their superintendents with a corporate credit card for emergencies or purchasing supplies could use prepaid cards instead to help lessen the chance of a huge unauthorized bill and to protect against theft. These cards might also be a good gift idea.   Compare the costs and features of the most popular pre-paid cards at Million Dollar Journey’s entry on Prepaid Mastercard and Visa Credit Card Comparison.

HOA Boards Often Approach Me with a Plan and a Question – The lawyers at northwestern US law firm Vial Fotheringham lament the fact that too many HOA boards enact a plan first, and then ask their lawyer “can we do this?”  Good discussion on the scope of a board’s authority.

Before Buying Into a HOA or Condo Association… – What due diligence would “The Donald” conduct before buying a condo? Find out by reading this entry on the Trump University Blog.

Mold and Water Damages Often Expensive to Repair – Lisa Magill at the Florida Condo & HOA Law Blog offers practical suggestions to avoid commonly encountered mould problems when owners leave their units for prolonged periods (or for good).

Directors and Officers Coverage is Not the Same as Fidelity Coverage – Lincoln Hobbs of the Utah Condo Law Blog speaks the truth.