Condo unit owners and directors are often uninformed about their rights and responsibilities or about how condos work. This is largely due to a lack of comprehensive information online to address basic condo concepts.

A new website may help fill that void.

The Condo Information Centre (found at was launched on June 30, 2009 by Anne-Marie Ambert, a retired university professor and condo director, who offers her knowledge of how condos work. Her site offers an impressive digest of original text and commentary on a number of topics, including:

  • Condos’ Financial Structure
  • Owners’ Meetings and Voting
  • Owners’ Rights and Responsibilities
  • Understanding Your Building & Your Unit
  • Common Problems of Condo Living
  • Tenants & Landlords
  • Management, Personnel, and Contractors
  • Auditors and Lawyers
  • Insurance
  • Condo Act, Declaration, Rules, and By-Laws
  • What Should be done to help condos?

The articles are organized by theme and arranged for easy navigation. A search feature is provided. The text is well-written and easy to read.

Links to legislation, condo law texts and resources are provided. In order to remain neutral, the site does not accept advertisements or promote condo-related firms or organizations.

While the Condo Information Centre is not intended to replace legal advice, anyone looking to learn more about Ontario condo law should definitely start by visiting the site and giving it a close read.  

Hats off to Dr. Ambert for this impressive initiative to help inform condo residents everywhere.

[Kudos to Darryl Deen at D-Tech Consulting for finding and sharing this site.]