One of the most common issues arising from people living in close quarters is the transmission of sound and noise.  At what point noise becomes a prohibited nuisance is one of the questions that plagues every condominium board and manager, and the answer varies from case to case and depends entirely on the circumstances.

It may sometimes be helpful to approach noise cases from a different angle.

Lawyer Dianne Saxe has written a short blog entry highlighting some of the issues in regulating noise through environmental law statutes and municipal by-laws.  The piece is of interest to condominium professionals since it is written from an environmental law perspective and cites evidence that "environmental noise" is harmful to health.  Links are provided to a number of resources that aren’t often consulted in condo noise disputes.  

This short article may be of interest to anyone confronting the issue of noise and nuisance in condo settings or otherwise.  Read it here.