Daniel Zimberoff at the Northwest Condo & HOA Law Blog makes the excellent suggestion that condo boards should set up discrete email accounts for key officers.   These accounts (example: ycc123treasurer@yahoo/gmail/rogers.ca) would pass from person to person that assumes the role.  

He gives a number of compelling reasons that merit your attention.    I would just add one more: 

#8 — Most free email accounts provide plenty of storage space and offer search capability, allowing users to sort, store and retrieve important documents.   Directors can work remotely and have constant easy access to records and documents without the need to refer to a paper file.  

A further comment:   The concept of using discrete email accounts for the condo’s officers makes tremendous sense, but its practicality and success depend on the goodwill of the officers using the accounts and the good sense of those that subsequently inherit the accounts.   Officers using the accounts must agree to surrender the email account at the end of their tenure.   The incoming officers must ensure that the email account is secure by changing the password and by disabling any mail-forwarding features set up by the previous account holder.    Such issues could probably be dealt with by simple amendment to the board’s policies.