Last month, we blogged about the importance of having clear and concise governing documents. A recent CAT decision highlights the value of communicating rules to residents and how poor communication might lead to unnecessary disputes.

In this case, the CAT dismissed a dispute relating to the “communication of rules” because it had no jurisdiction over the applicant’s complaints of confusing parking signs. The complaint did not relate to provisions within the governing documents that govern parking. The CAT described the condo’s parking signs as communicating the rules poorly, but determined that “changing, altering, even remove the parking signs will not alter the rules governing parking” and didn’t bring the dispute within the CAT’s jurisdiction.

This decision is a further reminder that messages to residents about the condo’s governing documents and how they are implemented should be transparent and straightforward. Supplementary or informal announcements about the rules such as signs at the property, notices and even enforcement letters should convey the rules consistently and simply so there’s no confusion.