After this long weekend, many of us following Ontario’s Condo Act Review process will refocus on the imminent tabling of a draft new Condo Act. Those involved in the review process found it to be an innovative and interesting one that was championed by a senior government official who, sadly, will not be returning to work on condo law reform on Tuesday.

Giles Gherson, Ontario’s Deputy Minister of Consumer Services since 2011, is credited as a driving force behind the multi-stage public engagement review process to modernize our condominium law. He was a regular feature at sessions and workshops and spearheaded a number of important initiatives that came from the review process, not least of which is condo manager regulation and, of course, the draft new statute that remains to be revealed and is expected within weeks.

DM Giles Gherson

On September 2, 2014, Giles becomes Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Employment and also of Research and Innovation. On October 6, he will also assume responsibility for Infrastructure. These are remarkably important portfolios that will without doubt benefit from Giles’ insight and leadership.

Thank you, Giles, for your service and contribution to reforming our condo law. Best wishes for your new role.