While mediation and arbitration have been mandatory for most types of condo disputes for over 12 years, it seems that there are still plenty of condo cases finding their way into the courts.  According to the scuttlebutt, the judges are starting to notice this, and they apparently aren’t too happy with the volume of people, pets and parking cases clogging up their dockets.

Though I was at first skeptical that the number of condo cases is increasing to epic proportions, tallying up the reported decisions released since our last batch on August 27 is telling.  While the cases we’ve tweeted in the past three months include cases from tribunals and courts of other provinces, the Ontario court cases shown below are probably just the tip of the iceberg when you consider that most court decisions are not sufficiently substantive or interesting to be reported.  In other words, there are probably a lot more condo cases out there that we haven’t heard about.   No statistics are kept and there’s no simple way of keeping track of them, but it’s probably safe to say that there are a lot and that their number is growing.

Here’s the latest bunch, and a big one at that!   As always, follow me on Twitter to stay ahead of the curve with live feed.

ONSC: Elimination of proposed loft from new-build condo is a “material change;” purchaser may rescind the deal. http://ow.ly/rstZZ

ONLRB orders union vote for security staff at Trump Toronto condo. It may become harder to tell them “You’re Fired!” http://t.co/YrnvI6WEgY

ONSC: Owners recover costs of their application for condo AGM to be held, but not for later hearing re voting rights. http://ow.ly/rsrrE

ONSC certifies class actions over falling glass from 3 Toronto condo towers. http://ow.ly/rssPE

HRTO summarily dismisses unit owner’s complaint re harassment, intimidation, name-calling by condo’s employees. http://t.co/i6U8EIFLIu

ONSC: Developer’s suit vs architect and contractor over defects in exterior acrylics may continue (slowly). http://t.co/71WYmjXmV2

OLRB certifies security guards at TSCC 2267 as union’s newest collective bargaining unit. http://t.co/peUpsboBij

ONSC: No costs for reversing condo director disqualification after embarrassingly unfair in-house “ethics review.” http://t.co/v52w5l5dVz

ONCJ: Condo acquitted of fail to comply with building order; reasonable given lousy circumstances, lousy developer. http://t.co/f7E9ZYIVDS

BCCA: Courts may order sale of units for extreme by-law breaches. Condo is a home but not a castle. http://t.co/PuP4sKifqo

OLRB certifies YCC 77 as a unionized workplace after denying board’s plea for time to meet, deliberate. http://t.co/9WGpHQYMlq #unfair

ONSC: Condo gets partial costs of $15K for making reasonable offer to settle unit owner’s needlessly complex case. http://t.co/sEpDCYKJDe

ABQB: Mortgage not in default when bank pays condo corp’s chargebacks for fines/costs that aren’t properly lienable. http://t.co/r2ut8pGcWE

ONSC: Condo denied costs of resisting unit owner’s challenge of elect’n results; its poor records caused the dispute. http://t.co/l0qVJosyfM

ONSC: Scofflaw unit owners’ beef over energy meter replacement without merit. Legal costs are 5-10x value of dispute. http://t.co/vIlKzOCG8B

ONSC: Condo purchaser’s suit vs developer’s parent company and sales rep dismissed; may continue vs developer alone. http://t.co/0KrU9l8Rm3

ONSC upholds agreement by developer-controlled condo limiting developer’s liability on new build; was duly disclosed. http://t.co/ZrSpoVst5G

HRTO: Condo corp fined $1,000 for breaching confidentiality clause in human rights settlement with unit owner. http://t.co/ZEewksnqEE

ONSC: Owners’ complaints re neighbours are “so minor and incidental that there is nothing to litigate or mediate.” http://t.co/O2uw4mY5rn

ONLSHP: Inexperienced, overconfident lawyer guilty of professional misconduct after amateur condo conversion. http://t.co/0Sw1AoFxpw

ONSC: Declaration wording relieving condo corp of responsibility to enforce exclusive use rights is invalid. http://t.co/lP7CNxniBb

ABQB denies condo’s bid to reduce security for costs in a really old, ugly and iffy construction deficiency suit. http://t.co/3YsF8Gz9Aj

ONCA: $200K fine “manifestly unfit” for criminal negligence causing death of 4 workers in 2009. Fine upped to $750K. http://t.co/KxuOguYmXr

HRTO reverses itself by adding condo manager to unit owner’s human rights case; refuses to add the condo’s lawyers. http://t.co/OynY5FnBNS

BCPC: Unit owner entitled to recover part of mould remediation costs when strata corp fails to repair. http://t.co/7vWkUT5Sj2