Canadian courts and tribunals decided plenty of condo law cases during the first quarter of 2013.   Here’s a roundup of the most notable.

ONCA: Condo board deemed to know about a claim after unit purchaser with specific knowledge of that claim joins the bd.

ONSC stays lawsuit over shared facilities dispute between 2 condos until mediation and arbitration exhausted.

ONSC: Mortgagee awarded costs of application for condo lien discharge when condo’s lawyers run up big bill needlessly.

OMB sets terms of minor variance to reduce parking space requirement at Brampton temple in a condo unit.

ONSC: Condo corps are landlords that may require personal use of an owned unit and can evict tenants, per RTA s.46.

ONSC sets procedure for YCC 42 unit owners to review and object to accounts of that condo’s outgoing administrator.

ONCA orders rectification of title register in land boundary dispute.

HRTO: No discrimination by condo and property manager requiring unit owner to remove unauthorized balcony enclosure.

ONSC: Condo to pay oppression damages of $40K + costs for not enforcing noise rules and for harassing complainant.

ONSC: Remedial work on condo garage was maintenance and repair, not “substantial change” as alleged by unit owner.

NSSCC: Condo recoups damages re water heater leak on basis of owner failing to stop flood, not failure to maintain.

ABQB: Live-in caregiver for blind elderly unit owner doesn’t violate condo’s single family use restriction.

ONCA: City holds bag for gas pymts made when landlord defaults, bank sells rental bldg.  No good deed goes unpunished.

ONSC: Condo directors failed to restore landscaping as ordered; found in contempt of court and must pay cost of work.

ABQB: Condo’s refusal to assign indoor parking spot not oppressive when owner knew she was buying an outdoor spot.    [Forthcoming: 2013 ABQB 153]

ABQB: Common element lease given by developer-controlled condo board invalid for lack of notice to purchasers.

BCCA: Class actions by strata lot owners not barred by representative action provisions in BC Strata Property Act.

ONARB: Municipal tax assessment of amenity units owned by condo corp reduced to nominal $9 value.

BCSC: While original sale of strata unit overturned, 2nd sale order given after breach of injunction by rowdy owners.

ONSC bars property manager from acting as paid representative at Landlord Tenant Bd, being unauthorized law practice.

HRTO: Bedbug infestation is not a disability; adverse treatment of condo unit owner with bedbugs not discriminatory.

HRTO: Condo supers discrimination complaint to proceed while wrongful dismissal lawsuit pending; issues are distinct.

ONSC approves condo purchasers’ class action suit vs. developer over excess development charges.

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