There has been plenty to tweet about since our last compilation post on March 13.

Here’s some of the best items.

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HRTO refuses to reconsider summary dismissal of unit owner’s complaint that condo failed to address noise complaints.

BCCA (3-2) upholds finding that condo bd’s solution for fixing design flaw was "significantly unfair" to some owners.

NBCA orders developer to finish construction of condo unit shell (eyesore, fire hazard) and prepare it for occupancy.

ONCA upholds finding that condo’s handling of water leak scenario was not oppressive ONSC ruling:

ONSC approves sale of condo units by developer’s receiver, laments sorry state of the court’s document mgmt system.

ONSC: Condo devlpr to pay legal costs of $16K + $10K "top up" per Condo Act s.43(9) for shirking turnover obligations.

HRTO: Unit owner’s complaint of racism in condo fee dispute has no reasonable prospect of success, summarily dismissed.

ONCA: Condo Act s.23 does not preclude unit owners from suing developer for construction defects in common elements.

ONCA: Regardless of any claims against condo corporation, owners (even the developer) must still pay condo fees.


MT @tarleyrobinson: Lawyers on condo/HOA boards shld be "directors" and not commit unauthorized practice of law:

In the wake of Trayvon Martin killing, Watch Out for Neighborhood Watch Programs –   (Northwest Condo & HOA Law Blog)

RT @lawyersweeklyca: Why Ontario’s Condo Act is in need of an overhaul

Governing condo complex is an exercise in slow torture. (Hartford Biz Journal)

RT @chris_antipas: Reading @lawtimes The Dirt: $40,000 parrot a red herring for condo law

Why marijuana grow-ops pose a challenge for remediation and demolition [for condos, too]– Daily Commercial News:

Why co-op, condo residents won’t run for the board, and why that’s dangerous   (@habitatmag)


Condo Culture: An issue that gets residents fuming via @nationalpost < Smoking hot topic for #condo #hoa

@BlogTO reveals the changing face of #Toronto‘s waterfront – What Queen’s Quay looked like before the condos –

Toronto condos: How close is too close to the Gardiner? < You can flick a cig from your car and hit these bldgs. Nuts.

RT @wiselaw: Ontario couple loses wind turbines property tax case

Growth in Ontario’s condo sector prompts legislative review.

MT @canetwork: ON: Glass falls from Trump condo-hotel; stretch of Bay St closed < That bldg is both ugly AND dangerous.

Guelph condo pays water bill with inexplicable 1,600% spike in usage, then unsuccessfully ask city for compensation.

The 3-inch condo is here – < Condominiumized safety deposit boxes, another Canadian innovation.

Condo-dwellers in #HamONT buck double tax hit. @CCIGHC hard at work for condo owners.

Winners of the 2012 Tarion Awards of Excellence for new home builders with amazing customer service announced

RT @Harry_Fine: Talk of co-op being dealt w at LTB has been around for years, but it may be happening. Good for co-ops & paralegals.

Study shows energy savings realized from sub-metering in multi-rez buildings:

Poll: Canadians don’t mind paying for perks of condo living – but not very much! < Unrealistic expectations abound.

RT @davidhyde2: @Tridel launches new concept in condo security — the virtual concierge: via @TorontoStar

Legion looks to unlock its land value with condo-like developments –   (via @globeandmail)


Crown says cost-cutting cost truck driver his life in Calgary condo construction mishap –

Spy-cam found in Winnipeg swimming pool change room: Interviews. < Intrusion upon seclusion in action.

A Woodstock woman warns others about attempted fraud re condo pymts –

Canadian banks tighten lending for condo construction amid bubble fear –

New condo owners buy into Calgary’s urban renewal – (@globeandmail) < Plan’s success also depends on quality of bldgs.

Brothels soon in your backyard? < Or in your condo?

RT @toronto_life Apparently, there are secret bordellos in pretty much all of the city’s condo buildings

RT @canetwork: BC: Feeling a little gun-shy over my condo living. < Good example of how little condo disputes blow up.

Condo owners face-off in property-rights tiff via @globeandmail

Despite the title, it’s not a condo. All the owners have a fractional interest in one legal title. via @globeandmail

Manager had to crack down on scofflaw condo renters. (via @RealDealMTL)

Flaherty cites Toronto condos as need for CMHC oversight. < No sense letting an overheated mkt destroy the economy.


Calif. enacts bill allowing electric vehicle charging stations in community assns: HOA Law Blog

NYU law school pays $3.6M for faculty condo – News – ABA Journal < This is their third multi-million dollar condo.

RT @toronto_life Apparently, there are secret bordellos in pretty much all of the city’s condo buildings

"They probably have less stringent rules in a penitentiary." Flowers spark legal fight at NH condo.

CT: Tenant refuses to remove mezuzah – < Condo bd wades into a whole lotta trouble here.

Lawyer returns from vacation, averts crisis by bringing discriminatory condo board back from the ledge over mezuzah.

MT @CondoandHOALaw: Hawaii jury awards $3.9M to condo unit owners over harassment, abuse by board.

More deets on epic jury award against Hawaii condo board after campaign of terror against owners.

RT @canetwork: Missile silo becomes condos with Doomsday in mind < I think prices will drop after 2012!

Via @nprnews: Trayvon Martin’s Parents Plan To Sue Homeowners Group – Ken Direktor’s advise to #condo & #hoa leaders

Ohio city ponders collecting 20yrs of under-billed water usage discovered when condo asks for reduction. H/T@canetwork

Illinois A-G sues condo board for evicting unit owner’s depression therapy dogs « CBS Chicago

RT @canetwork: IL: Man Hired by Condo to get rid of Geese Drowns After Apparent Swan Attack (I don’t make these things up)  #condoHOA

A-G backs off on requiring digitized condo plans | Crain’s New York Biz

Downtown Chicago residential high-rises prepare for NATO summit –