Here is a compilation of condo-related news items we’ve tweeted about over the past seven weeks, sorted by jurisdiction or by theme.

It appears that the Province of Alberta has suffered a disproportionate number of condo-related catastrophes and a streak of shoddy construction by feckless developers.    We’ve gathered those items together with a few thoughts of our own.  We’d be interested to hear your two cents as well.


The condo board, the lawsuit and the $40,000 parrot – The Globe and Mail –

GuelphMercury editorial – Condo owners seek tax relief or civic service upgrades –

RT @CliftonKokLLP: Sara Finoro is co-editor of @CCIGHC‘s Condo News. Here she speaks up on fair taxes for condos.

Car break-ins rock west Ottawa condo | CTV Ottawa – Owners blame mgmt, board for not warning of crime wave.

TheStar: Falling glass lawsuits filed:

Ottawa Public Health Bd. honours smoke-free condo – < A nice touch for Nat’l Non-Smoking Week.

The unstoppable Harry Stinson moves on to next project – Hotel Niagara owner shares plans for building’s redevelopment.

Ritz-Carlton 5-star condos proving a tough sell – < Surprise! Toronto’s luxury condo market has a saturation point!



Thinking about fighting your condo? Read this first. Condo battles can be costly | Toronto Sun –

I’ll be on CBC Radio’s @Ottawamorning show Friday at 7:10am, talking about electric vehicle charging stations in condos. Electrifying!

Ottawa condo owner must pay for meter or unplug electric car – CBC News:

Interviewed by CBC @Ottawamorning about the condo EV charging story. See my blog piece with links and commentary:



Condo owner calls for changes – CBC New Brunswick – < This whiner doesn’t get it. Reserve will save his skin later.

Wpg condo developers dissatisfied with size of grants – < City hopes to ease off on taxpayer-subsidized gentrification.

Urban Canadians embracing condo craze.

Bank watchdog targets condo speculators – The Globe and Mail.

NWT Govt says no interest-free loan to troubled Yellowknife condo corp – CBC North –



NY court directs condo developer to return $16M to buyers.

Condo board denies responsibility for Nick Santino’s suicide after he put pit bull to sleep –

N.Y. Orders Developers to Digitize Co-Op, Condo Offer Plans – Businessweek: < Digital disclosure is long overdue.

Another condo loan fraud. NY realtor accused of ripping off condo bd to fuel gambling jaunts.

Another state grapples with dispute resolution in its condo law. The other side of condo living in CT.



Quebec condo buyers out in the cold. < Little security for deposits in their condo law.

Condos: From France, a lesson on the need for regulation. (from Montreal Gazette)

Quebec govt set to review its condo law. First time in a lonnnng time. Lots of catching up to do.

Compare Quebec and Ontario condo laws –



Are you going west, young man?  If so, think twice before buying a condo unit there. 

A string of condo fires and the mandatory evacuation of yet another poorly-built condo round out a lousy few weeks of condo-related news from Alberta.   The condo law in that province has come under increasing scrutiny and is seen as providing too little protection to purchasers and unit owners and insufficient teeth to persuade developers to build quality projects.  Government has reportedly been slow to react and more and more people are finding themselves in difficult situations as the dust from the great condo boom begins to settle.  

Albertans who are sick of being victimized by scoundrels and underserved by provincial laws might look to Quebec and to Ontario where significant reviews of the condo legislation are now underway or soon will be.  How many more people must lose their homes, their possessions and their investments before something is done?

While there are some good developers and high-quality condos in Alberta, and while there are also bad ones everywhere else, this recent line of news stories and the apparent severity of the problem suggest that Albertans tempted to buy a condo may be better off to find a freehold house or rental apartment to call home. 

What do you say?

Edmonton: Damage hits $10 million in Edmonton fire Condo blaze leaves 100 homeless

Edmnton condo residents smoking mad: < Idiot plumbers cld be charged for not calling 911 sooner after sparking blaze.

Re last: Why didn’t owners call 911 abt smoke in hallways? They’re told "Everything’s ok." Hello? Costa Concordia? History repeats itself.

Unsure abt AB reqmts. RT @causalitybrunch: A condo of 82 suites isn’t req’d to have a fire alarm monitoring system? Sprinklers? Alrm drills?

Another Alta condo fire this week. The difference? Lesson learned: Call 911 at the first sign of trouble –

911 called promptly this time, but cause was infinitely avoidable. Investigators reveal cause of Wednesday’s fire –

Another newly-built Alberta condo condemned. Residents evacuated from Leduc condos.

Video: Residents react after Leduc, AB condo is condemned.

Leduc condo developer’s whereabouts unknown.

Alberta condo construction woes flagged 3 yrs ago – Gov’t offers sympathy but no action on report’s recommendations –

Leduc condo residents forced to leave their homes get few answers at meeting.

A helluva mea culpa. Developer takes blame for Edmonton condo ‘disaster’

Receiver takes over troubled Leduc condo – CBC Edmonton –

Ft McMurray condo woes unresolved a year later – < Grim foreshadowing for owners of other AB condo ordered to evacuate.

Calgary condo developer fined $58K for breaking #firesafety rules.

Arsonist who drank beer as condo burned handed four years in jail. (via Calgary Sun)


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