Our first microblog post of the year is jam-packed with good stuff, including plenty of pieces on the frenzy that is the Toronto condo market.  While we can’t yet tell if 2012 will signal the end of the upward swing, it will definitely be one hell of a ride.


ONSC: No discrimination in condo refusing owner’s request to alter parking space to accommodate undocumented disability. http://bit.ly/sVLjyW

ONSC gives useful guidance on materials needed to approve reports & accounts of condo administrators and their lawyers. http://bit.ly/sFTQnY

ONSC: Unit owner improperly altered common elements, must sign s.98 agreement; condo’s chargeback claim statute-barred. http://bit.ly/vAbfeR

ONSC amends condo declaration to correct as an "error" a sneaky move by the developer to escape zoning restrictions. http://bit.ly/w0Auz6

HRTO denies unit owner’s bid to adjourn hearing, allow more time to resolve his complaint vs. condo. http://bit.ly/zlpx0x

HRTO: Hearing to continue despite unit owner’s procedural wrangling after sensing that his case is doomed. http://bit.ly/wSnOVa

HRTO: Disabled unit owner’s complaint vs condo dismissed for duplicating a poorly-drafted court claim. http://bit.ly/zRsXbi

ONSC waives med/arb reqmt, rejects selective enforcement argument, orders removal of dogs from condo unit. http://bit.ly/yPyfPO

ONSC: Condo’s construction deficiency lawsuit (commenced 3 yrs after performance audit issued) is statute-barred. http://bit.ly/yaBa4p

BCSC orders sale of strata unit after years of antisocial behaviour by owner’s son. 1st time in BC. http://bit.ly/vZP5ry

ONSC upholds condo turnover election. Declarant was tardy and failed to deliver turnover docs. http://bit.ly/AExTGf


Condo boards spark flames by extinguishing smoking in their communities  http://bit.ly/uAAgXt  (via Condominium Insurance Law blog)

Is that new condo a good investment? – http://bit.ly/szy1CV – Excerpt from @BrianPersaud‘s must-read book for newbie condo buyers.

RT @CCIGHC: A Holiday Message from our Fair Tax Team! http://ow.ly/i/nuq6 < 12 days of Condo Christmas. Priceless.

Top 5 disadvantages of living in a brand new condo – http://bit.ly/AxC391 (via @AndrewLaFleur)

RT @CDJNEWS: Condo Board May be Negligent for not Filing Construction Defect Suit in a Timely Fashion http://t.co/4Uxda8Dp

Handling the jerk next door | MoneySense http://bit.ly/vuz7Zi < Good tips on solving neighbour problems fast.

RT @BusinessMN: Legal Matters: Condo/townhome living can lead to unusual disputes – http://bit.ly/rW9hb3 Annnd how!

New at CondoLawGuru: What Happens When Too Many Complain and No One Wants to Serve on the Board? http://bit.ly/s8RwWS

Mediation: Less expensive and just nicer than taking neighbors to court – http://bit.ly/uthS5F < Co-op/Condo mediation basics in @HabitatMag

Link to the OBOA’s pamphlet on changes to the Ontario Building Code that are effective Jan. 1, 2012: http://bit.ly/y3uWvK

Policies, procedures, rules, regulations and resolutions: What’s the difference?? – http://bit.ly/Aoa22Y (via @CCALawyers blog)

Crunching #condo fee figures – http://bit.ly/AcE5Qs

RT @canetwork: Rewarding Incompetence: A Common Management Snafu http://bit.ly/At7slT < The Peter Principle is alive and well in condoland.

Condos have various energy saving management tools – Daily Commercial News:  http://bit.ly/xhlTrR


Toronto auction of Muskoka condos causes more bitterness than buzz – http://bit.ly/vIbAWD

Investors fight to back out of Trump tower condo in #Toronto – http://bit.ly/tO62xJ

Angry Trump condo buyer wants out – http://bit.ly/uVb3Qq < Developer: "The world is not black and white" [except for our contract!].

Gadhafi son owns Toronto condo, National Post reports – http://bit.ly/soUpjE < Wonder whether being on the lam is against the condo rules.

Saadi Gaddafi’s #Toronto condo frozen by Ottawa – http://natpo.st/zx18sW

Rush to get condo plans approved amid fears of #Toronto labour disruption  http://natpo.st/xji9A4

Condo developers fret over city work stoppage – http://bit.ly/zi4bUe (via @CBCToronto) < Will bldg inspectors be affected too?

Most Ontarians want smoking banned in apartments and condos: Survey – Barrie Examiner – http://bit.ly/tAF6fO

Distressed man who lost condo then posted pics of councillor w/ word “murder” meant no harm, court rules – http://bit.ly/x2Vqzn

In 2010, I blogged abt the lawsuit that sealed the fate of that "distressed man" man who lost his condo. Sad case. http://bit.ly/yIfV9G

Speculators, foreign investors, betting on #Toronto condo market http://natpo.st/vlznrH < Condos are "pockets of air in the sky."

Most of $7.5B increase in Toronto’s property tax base in 2011 came from new condos. Condo boom helps city’s finances: http://bit.ly/uWVwhU

One Bloor East reveals #Toronto‘s unquenchable thirst for condos http://bit.ly/AfGhm9   via  @globeandmail < A head-shaker!

The Star: 2011 is Toronto’s year of the highrise – http://bit.ly/skyd0B


Edmonton condo owners left hanging in reno dispute – CBC News http://bit.ly/rUiJTH < Looks like a failure to communicate!

New strata property regulations introduced in B.C. – http://bit.ly/tjwjwv

Evicted mom in BC plans to fight ruling requiring sale of her unit –http://bit.ly/xas8bk (H/T: @CANetwork)


Palos, IL Condo Board Race Gets Oily, say Police – http://bit.ly/vnynIe

Foreclosed Michigan condominium a health hazard and danger to others – http://bit.ly/ungExR

Epic Businessweek exposé on weird condo fraud: Las Vegas real estate scam goes bust – http://on.today.com/tLpCxV

Hoarders strike again. MA condo condemned after 1.5 year dispute – http://bit.ly/umUyln  (H/T @247Condo)

Former property manager admits embezzling more than $400K from NJ condo association | The Republic http://bit.ly/rrxbga

FL: As community squabbles, Hanukkah begins http://bit.ly/tXsRcG

NC: Hoarding may have trapped man in deadly condo fire http://bit.ly/uhsB28 

RT @canetwork Interesting look at former condo attorney, now politician, in Illinois (author’s obviously not a fan) 

Illinois circuit court judge candidate haunted by his gig as a condo lawyer; not remembered fondly by unit owners – http://bit.ly/zWTAIU

MAD TALK Gun etiquette: "Many condo association board members are interested in prohibiting concealed handguns… http://bit.ly/tX95eL

Disbarred FL attorney says his law firm had condo for sex with prostitutes » http://bit.ly/xb5x8w < Their idea of a work-life balance fix?

Crooked FL lawyer provided condo, free sex for clients – http://bit.ly/vZPMMa < Well, the pundits tell professionals to offer value-adds!

Condo may be liable for mishandling service dog – http://bit.ly/xQUKgJ (via Courthouse News Service)

Chicago turns vacant condo buildings into affordable rentals – http://trib.in/AhichJ < 150 condos already being converted.

RT @f_andreone: Aussie #strata smokers have more worries … http://bit.ly/zuf7dN < Smoking in condos under siege down under

‘John Condo’ charged with defrauding developers – South Florida Business Journal – http://bit.ly/AtGeeQ < Ha! Was his middle initial "Q."??

Philippine Chief Justice denies owning 45 condo units – http://bit.ly/zHm7am