Toronto’s reputation as an international city and condominium capital knows no bounds.

The National Post reports that a Toronto condo unit owned by the son of the late Libyan despot Muammar Gaddafi has apparently gone unnoticed by whoever enforces UN-imposed sanctions in our country.   Ownership of the $1.6 million penthouse at 10 Navy Wharf was held in Gaddafi Junior’s own name or some variation thereof.  

The Post’s exposée on the Gaddafi penthouse is here:

Saadi Gaddafi owns a $1.6M penthouse in Toronto

Ottawa asks RCMP to investigate Gaddafi son’s Toronto condo

Libya lays claim to Gaddafi’s condo

The latest news is that the new Libyan regime is looking to claim the unit as an asset of the state.   If that bid is granted, hopefully the condo board will send the Libyan embassy a copy of the building’s by-laws, rules and elevator booking policy before a problem arises and turns into an international incident.

In possibly-related international news involving Canada and Libya, there is no indication that Cynthia Vanier, the Canadian citizen implicated by Mexican authorities in the plot to help the Gaddafi family flee to Punta Mita, planned to use the Toronto condo as a safe house at any point.  Mexican investigators will no doubt look long and hard at this growing Canadian connection in deciding whether to stage some elaborate “prosecution.”  Vanier’s family says she is innocent.

And before leaving the topic of playboy sons of dead tyrants, has someone checked the land registry records for condo units owned by Kim Jong-un? If not, local condo managers might keep watch for any raucous wakes held in their party rooms for the late North Korean strongman Kim Jong-il. Just report your findings to the nearest UN office.