What a crazy few months it has been. While we haven’t been posting as many blog entries as we’d like, there’s been plenty of action on the Twitter feed. In case you’re not receiving the live feed, here’s a compilation of the best stuff from recent weeks.

Courts / Tribunals

ONCA: Declarant’s failure to set up cost-sharing regime for mixed-use multi-condo complex not oppressive. Buyer beware. http://bit.ly/v5h9Km

ONSC denies prchsrs bid to legalize common element attic. Real estate lawyer liable for not checking condo floor plans. http://bit.ly/urnj0V

HRTO fines condo $5K for tardy answer to disabled owners’ request to store scooter in parking unit; orders bylaw change. http://bit.ly/tb9rbR

SCC: Loser Pays principle doesn’t apply to Canadian Human Rights Commission – http://goo.gl/l6iph (H/T @APribetic)

ONCA: Proper functioning of complex, rapidly growing condo industry needs clear agrmts setting out rights, obligations. http://bit.ly/tH715q

ONSC nixes developer’s bid to dismiss condo construction deficiency suit. Tarion decision doesn’t bar such lawsuits. http://bit.ly/tUUdIR

ONSC orders unit owner to remove dog accused of peeing on balcony. Condo acted reasonably in demanding dog’s removal. http://bit.ly/t5CMVc

ONLRB: Condo employees to vote on union representation after condo doesn’t respond to certification application – http://bit.ly/sjaZz9

ONCA: Test for bias by a municipal by-law officer is "reasonable apprehension," but test not to be applied "strictly" – bit.ly/sZ56OO (H/T @ABMunicipal)

ONSC sets referendum rules for owners at dysfunctional condo to decide whether to continue court administration. http://bit.ly/usxjbk



Ontario News

YorkRegion Article: Condos cash in on cell antennas – http://bit.ly/pQ9etJ

Quiet riot: Condo developers catch on to the electric vehicle | National Post http://bit.ly/oDLurv

As condos get smaller, downsizing boomers fret: http://bit.ly/vtezGh (@Moneyville)

Muskoka Wharf puts condo-hotel units on auction block – Yourhome.ca http://bit.ly/w44Ehg

Going once, going twice … Muskoka Wharf suites to be auctioned off – The Globe and Mail http://bit.ly/trNPjQ

Muskoka condo auction starting at $85,000 – Moneyville.ca http://bit.ly/soRNIv

Our #condo frenzy continues unabated. MT @BuzzBuzzHome: In Toronto there is a condo sold every 20 minutes!! INSANE! -> http://ow.ly/7kiNL

Condo tower to be built on dormant city-owned property http://natpo.st/tT6fnY < Good on #Toronto for cashing in on the condo frenzy.

RT @davidhyde2: Condo security guard shot on Toronto’s harbourfront. Crime prevention should be a top priority in the condo environment globaltoronto.com/three+men+stab…


"Disposable" Condominiums

Toronto’s glass condos face short lifespan, experts say – Toronto – CBC News http://bit.ly/spqOXz

Ontario should consider emergency change to building code on balcony glass: Report – http://bit.ly/sBGAAJ

Cdn Condominium Institute says planning, education, industry & govt initiatives needed to address glass tower issue: http://mwne.ws/vyJs2b

 What’s the matter with Toronto’s condos? | OpenFile http://bit.ly/vw1U4R


Canada News

MT @LawTimes: Tougher penalties for white-collar crime come now in force http://bit.ly/s8yedB < Restitution orders possible in fraud cases.

RT @strata101:  Council blames the manager; manager only takes council direction. Both need consequences for bad behavior: shar.es/bxfuk

Condo owners [waiting to reap the windfall of a multimilliondollar lawsuit] vote to rebuild http://bit.ly/sxPI9D < Good luck with that.

Calgary company’s online tool helps businesses [and condos] avoid paper invoices and cheques: http://bit.ly/tsy2Q3

Montreal condo-building frenzy ‘not sustainable’ http://bit.ly/rybJX1

Newfoundland proclaims new condominium act – http://bit.ly/sAIMKI

Bank of Canada to condo investors: Possible correction ahead – http://bit.ly/slgtiF


US News

Lawyer pleads guilty in scheme to elect condo directors favoring construction lawsuits – ABA Journal   http://bit.ly/rHCSaZ

Developer linked to Playboy model to plead guilty to mail fraud – TheSunNews – http://bit.ly/utOsfu

RT @syladurantaye: NYTimes: Law firm’s surprisingly stupid Halloween costumes make fun of their foreclosure clients. nyti.ms/utyk0s

Chris Brown moves out of condo; Neighbors say: Good riddance! http://bit.ly/vseyOQ

Proof that being nice doesn’t always work: Charges laid after NY condo fails to end 6-yr rampage by alleged pervert. http://lohud.us/titYLN

HUD charges VA condominium association with discrimination over service animals: http://bit.ly/sJiqGf


Misc. Commentary / Articles

Arbitration becoming the tool of choice for construction dispute resolution – Daily Commercial News   http://bit.ly/onemkP

Get used to unfolding those condominium plans http://bit.ly/p2F5KTvia @LawTimes < Seismic shift in how lawyers handle condo conveyancing.

Nasty neighbours dispute resolved on the public purse: The lessons learned. http://bit.ly/v9xUBO < Good lesson for condo boards, too.

Ok. I won’t wear dracula costume to client meeting. MT@lawyersweeklyca: Planning your Halloween costume? Some advice: http://bit.ly/nF74O2

RT @CondoandHOALaw: Failure to address elevator maintenance comes back to haunt Condo Association bit.ly/ru8kHe

RT @harry_fine: Toronto Sheriff not breaking 4 holidays 4 evictions this year. They can’t believe volume increase, say its cause tenants know all the tricks.

Condominium repair, maintenance are lucrative markets for construction – Daily Commercial News http://bit.ly/sFF53R

Annual Meetings 101 – http://bit.ly/vUVwLL < Good piece for AGM season by @TheCooperator mag.

Water leaks deliver flood of problems in condo maintenance – Daily Commercial News:  http://bit.ly/sn5Fu8

About condos and the blog entry that never dies – http://bo.st/t20X86 < How can well-meaning, sane people work effectively with a condo bd?

What makes bed bugs so resilient? Blame inbreeding. http://bit.ly/rBhqiL

Does your community ass’n have a social media policy? – College of Community Association Lawyers Blog:  http://bit.ly/uI1OPo

RT @chris_antipas: This couple had a two-dog condo problem – Moneyville.ca: bit.ly/sR7Qm6


2011 CCI-T/ACMO Condo Conference

See you at the condo conference! @GMALaw lawyers are featured at sessions 2A, 2B and 2C. http://fb.me/1rzyYNGWh

Get the mobile app for the 15th annual #CondoConference Nov 4-5 in Toronto: http://bit.ly/uAUaio

Condo Conference Features Sessions on Risk Management, Chaos, Environmental Issues http://mwne.ws/swVIEG

Hats off to @Associa for sponsoring the Night at the Races for the CCI/ACMO Toronto #condoconference!

RT @theMarcDonald: Met @chrisjaglowitz tonight. Handsome condo lawyer stud. Look out folks, he is kickin ass, and taking names.<Ha! u2 Marc.

Inspiring keynote by Frank O’Dea at #condoconference.

RT @theMarcDonald: Great presentation from Frank O’Dea, founder of second cup. Homeless to world changer – great story. #cci

RT @CCIGHC:  Great Conference and Tradeshow CCI Toronto and @ACMOnews we look forward to next year!


Ottawa Condo Rule Story

Rent to families only, condo tells landlords – http://bit.ly/w0rPIX < Rule unnecessary if declaration requires single family use.

Students feel discriminated by condo executives – Ottawa South Local Community News http://bit.ly/t8bVvs <Welcome to school of hard knocks.

YourOttawaRegion Article: Condo AGM postponed after students submit petition http://bit.ly/uIKA6v < Condos as the sandbox of democracy?

Students lose vote to overturn “discriminatory” condo rule http://bit.ly/sCHLDY

Ottawa condo board prez denies discrimination re single family use rule: http://bit.ly/sMgZVg


GMA in the news

RT @LawTimes: Focus: Liens a key option for condos http://twurl.nl/x8ihg3 < Notable quotes from GMA’s Bob Gardiner.

Toronto #Remembrance Day ceremony as seen from @GMALaw office. Sun shining up Bay St onto cenotaph. Big crowd. http://yfrog.com/nw9hewyj

I’m featured in the recent CondoBusiness video report on condos using social media responsibly. http://lnkd.in/t9NnGd

Gerry Miller consulted in Hamilton Spec story on owners’ obligation to pay condo common expenses by PAP.  http://fb.me/FAvRMlFJ

Chris Jaglowitz quoted in Sept 19 Law Times on NDP plan for the Condo Act and on growing power of condo voting bloc. http://fb.me/ODXtQ4eG