With summer holidays behind us and the Ontario election now underway, it’s time to focus on the issues and decide who should lead our province for the next four years.

The stakes are high and the issues are many.  Sales taxes, energy costs, development policy and reforming the Condominium Act directly and specifically affect the lives and finances of condo dwellers in our city and across Ontario. Condo issues should be front and centre since Ontario is home to nearly 10,000 condo corporations containing hundreds of thousands of units and almost a million voters. The candidates and their parties should be ready to take notice and address these issues that face the condo-dwelling electorate and explain why they deserve your vote.

Luckily, the Canadian Condominium Institute is holding a series of special town hall debates across the province with a focus on condo-related issues. All the major candidates are invited. Come out, ask your questions and make sure these folks know for sure that condo unit owners want their voices to be heard.

At least two town hall events are taking place in Toronto, on September 13 in Willowdale and on September 14 in Etobicoke-Lakeshore.  See here for details and free registration.  Don’t miss out.

Update:  Condo dwellers in the Golden Horseshoe area should check out the town hall event to be held on September 14 in Burlington by the local CCI chapter.  Details here.