The flow of great condo-related tweets has not slowed down during these dog days of summer.   Enjoy some of these items while sunning on the deck.

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ONSC: No oppression remedy for commercial condo unit owner with persistent water leakage. Repairs are finally underway.

HRTO: Condo "fails to accommodate" by forcing injured super to work despite doctor note, ordered to pay $1K

ONSC: Discovery of prchser-lawyer discussions proper when condo prchse agreemt ended b/c status cert "not satisfactory"

HRTO lacks "power to deal with all claims of disrespect, insensitivity." Condo bd remarks abt urine smell not discriminatory

BCSC: Grow-ops qualify as an act of vandalism (via Cdn. Insurance Blog)


LinkedIn sends me condo proprty mgr postings as "jobs you may be interested in." No thx, I’m too impatient. Hats off to mgrs for their work.

RT @FanshaweCE: Interested in Property Mgmt & Education? Consider ACMO’s RCM Designation and the new ACMO Scholarship Program:

RT @EricaBomb: Condo Tip: get on your board and have a say in how your $ is spent! Had my condo budget mtg tonite, we cut 9% off mgmt’s proposed budget!

#Condo directors doing maintenance with no insurance (or at all) is dumb. Don’t break your leg caulking that window:

RT @tarleyrobinson: Do your homework before running for seat on HOA board – > Check egos, self-interest at the door.

The Huffington Post’s New Devil – Home Owner Associations, via @CANetwork Blog:

Mediation’s unique attributes give the process its mysterious power – Daily Commercial News

RT @lifehacker: Before you call a plumber, you might want to check and see if you can’t unclog that drain yourself:

RT @canetwork: How to Attract HOA Volunteers (spritz a little Eau de Volunteer in the air?)

If the condo’s rockin’. . . My neighbours’ sex life is wrecking my sleep –   (@globeandmail)

RT @YourCondoLaw: Upstairs, Downstairs – Strategies for Dealing with #Noise Disputes

Keep your laundry offline! Can your Condo Assn’s insurance claim be impacted by social media sites? (@CondoandHOALaw)

RT @CommAdvocacyNet: Should education for condo bd members be mandatory? > This concept is gaining speed in Ontario

Chklist for new condo directors. RT @CondoandHOALaw: Implementation is Power – On the Board (Condos and HOAs blog)

RT @tarleyrobinson: Blog Post: Conflicts of interest when attorneys sit on your Bd of Directors #HOALaw #CondoLaw

CERA says "The mind of a hoarder is strange terrain" » Helping Hoarders

RT @Megan_Connolly: Today’s blog – Beware the Perils of Joint Ownership:

Older #condos face repair bill woes – > Lesson? Condos need professional property managers!

RT @CondoandHOALaw: Is it the right time to require mandatory community ass’n board service? < Condo conscription?

RT @247Condo: Housing Only For Those That Can Afford It < When will we learn that the home ownership craze breeds disaster?

I’m in condo hell – < The dangers of buying into a small (fewer than 10 unit) condo complex.

RT @canetwork: Why Architects Shouldn’t Build Condos out of Glass and People Shouldn’t Buy Them


Simerra Property Mgmt acquired by FirstService Corp., creates largest property manager in Canada, with 125,000 units:

Beavers scout for a home in Queen’s Quay condo corridor – Are condo boards on alert for squatters?

Ontario town reneges on tax break for condo lands. Heritage rebates for Salmoni Condos rejected, litigation possible

RT @colmbrannigan: Too many condos? Not necessarily, says RBC – –

Toronto condo developer ordered to replace balcony glass after third pane falls to the street below

Glass falls off #Toronto #condo building for the 5th time, closes part of Bay St. – –

Accessibility barrier at Whitby #condo building traps disabled man on rooftop –

RT @ACMOnews: Weighing the condo factor in Trinity-Spadina riding – Condominiums may affect political outcomes #ontpoli

RT @Urbanation: Danforth #condo developer may get 10 years in the slammer:  (via @toronto_life)

Ignatieff Loses Condo Board Election (via @TheSmew)

Review of Ontario human rights system announced by @OntMAG. Public consultations to be held.


Industry Body Calls for Licensing of Strata Managers in Western Australia   (H/T @StrataLawyer)

RT @canetwork: Edmonton: Condo owners stuck with $2.2M repair bill > AB is the new BC for crappy condos, no protection.

More calls for review of BC’s condo law. > The next wave in BC’s ongoing condo crisis

RT @VPFranco: Non-smokers can ban smoking in condos by changing strata bylaws:

Smoking neighbour human-rights case moves forward in B.C.

RT @canetwork: Alberta PC leadership candidates pledge to prevent crumbling condos at Ft McMurray forum


Fancy Brooklyn Condo Sues Synagogue for "Raucous" Party Noise: Gothamist

This guy ain’t a condo lawyer. Lawyerly Lairs: A Wicked Awesome, $13 Million Penthouse Condo  (@atlblog)

RT @atlblog: Turns out that Boston lawyer is NOT the true buyer of $13.2M penthouse condo: > Bar investigation averted?

Disputed HOA elections in Md. may be submitted to the Attorney General. > As if the A.G. doesn’t have enough work!

Battle of the butts: NY smoking wars move from restaurants, parks into apartments and condos –

RT @LisaMagillEsq: Condo still facing problems over Mezuzah via   @CourthouseNews

RT @syladurantaye: Abandoned condo project at 2nd Ave and 51st in Manhattan.

Condo neighbours to Chris Brown: You bad! — Neighbors Says He’s a Nightmare |

Ultimate Vacation Home Aboard World’s Largest Private Yacht > A floating condo!

RT @chris_antipas: A whole different spin on hoarding…. Woman lived with thousands of rats in animal hoarding case

RT @ScottPetersenJDForeclosure Activity Down in Most US Metro Areas BUT 1.7 million potential foreclosures lay in wait (via @ABC)

Police break up fight at condo building over laundry room dispute

RT @ColoradoHOAGal: Doggie DNA nails owners of pets leaving smelly piles. Using DNA evidence manager starts fining $100 per offense

Deadbeat condo developers leave Brooklyn Pastor, wife out in the cold after project shut-down