We’ve been saving up a big batch of the juiciest tweets for those of you taking another week of summer holidays.  For easier digestion, a second entry will contain the latest and greatest news items.

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ONSC upholds @OntMAG‘s preservation order against condo units, other assets held by alleged crooked home renovators – http://bit.ly/j8yJYe

OMB reduces parking reqmnt at condo complex to permit completion of unit owner’s 2d flr. Condo’s objection overruled. http://bit.ly/mtv1lh

ONSC orders sale of condo unit after years of aggression, violence, threats, vandalism by owner. http://bit.ly/kAPOqi

ONSC appoints administrator for another condo in trouble. Interim administrator replaced with owners’ candidate.   http://bit.ly/mC4vSV

HRTO pares down one of several tenuous complaints filed by unit owners over insults dished out by condo board prez. http://bit.ly/mLEGhs

HRTO dismisses yet another tenuous human rights complaint over condo board’s shoddy treatment of its unit owners. http://bit.ly/jBeY4o

BCSC quashes strata members’ vote approving a special assessment where balloting was not kept secret.   http://bit.ly/kp5BnL (H/T @VPFranco)

HRTO denies unit owner’s bid for production of security footage showing respondent condo director’s patronage of a bar. http://bit.ly/kqO2OE

ONSC dismisses unit owners’ 3rd party claim vs condo corp in a bank’s mortgage enforcement action.   http://bit.ly/iD7nRP

HRTO can’t rule on "every dispute or perceived unfairness;" dismisses condo owner’s complaint over weatherstripping. http://bit.ly/j0vtx0


RT @califcondoguru New at CondoLawGuru: Should Diapered Toddlers Be Allowed in the HOA or Condo Swimming Pool? http://bit.ly/lWo0Zt

The case for condo security – Canadian Security Magazine (@SecurityEd): http://bit.ly/lFyK7L

Hyman: One vote limit per #condo unit puts marriage at risk – http://bit.ly/m6j1aG

Legal fees for condo assessm’t collection needn’t be proportionate to underlying claim:   http://bit.ly/kEO1fe | We need such a ruling here.

RT @ColoradoHOAGal Great article re the reality of a homeowners association- not a faceless corporation but "neighbors acting in concert" http://bit.ly/jLmH15

RT @chris_antipas: Overcome your Condophobia. natpo.st/mQB68S via @financialpost

RT @harry_fine: Ontario Realtors, when u find a rental tenant for client’s condo, do u make sure they get copy of Rules, Declaration & By-Laws? It’s the law.

Good guidance for condo boards and non-profits about what goes into (and stays out of) minutes of meetings:   http://bit.ly/kPaOJz

When electing #condo bd directors, avoid those who promise 0% increases. They’ve got no sense of reality.

RT @condobusiness: Dogs and condos – friends or foes? http://fb.me/zwXJOwiK

RT @J_Juffs: Art & the condo, exemplifies why RFS planning needs to be flexible and considerate   natpo.st/lSoJ7p via @nationalpost

RT @habitatmag: Co-op / Condo Boards: Learn the 3 simple things you need to know to deal w/ difficult residents, & not kill them http://tinyurl.com/6fv9ppf

Hanes: Shortfalls in the Condo Act and Tarion Warranty could easily be fixed if Gov’t would simply pay attention http://bit.ly/j7E5PF

RT @habitatmag: Before burning out, presidents should consider grooming the next generation of board leaders. http://ow.ly/5hnfC

RT @BuzzBuzzHome: To Assign or Not to Assign – what is permitted? If buying pre-construction, a must read —> http://bit.ly/jDj8w7

RT @CondoandHOALaw: Traits of a Highly Functioning Community Ass’n Board of Directors?  http://bit.ly/leFU0h

From MEEB: Electric Cars Are Coming: When Parking Issues Become ‘Charged’ How Will Community Associations Respond? http://bit.ly/kVm5B4

Having a professional property manager is invaluable. Hyman: Board-managed condo corporation probably unwise – http://bit.ly/iqzqyf

Best advice for condos and community associations: Negotiate, Don’t Litigate   http://bit.ly/ioChIE (@Associa)

RT @DeniseLash: Phase-Out of Incandescent Light Bulbs Postponed – http://lnkd.in/HFfEsM

Condo manager @Condoliving101 asks [knowingly]: Are condominium owners too demanding or simply Insane? http://bit.ly/jtdqsI

Could your condo lobby use a decor update? http://bit.ly/rmTIPq > If so, be ready for chaos. Renos often bring conflict.

Condo dwellers ask: To Barbecue or Not to Barbecue? http://bit.ly/pba3MN

Are You Contributing Too Much to Your Co-op / Condo Reserve Fund? – Habitat Mag – http://bit.ly/p6m4NL > Perhaps the dumbest question ever.

RT @condobusiness: Learn about a new technology that allows you to tour a condo unit before it’s even built… http://fb.me/RAaXmPtx


Handy tips for highrise dwellers. RT @canetwork: WA: Condo and apartment etiquette   http://bit.ly/kTGJY9 

RT @SeaCondoAtty New Blog Post: Innovative Soundproofing Techniques to Address Noisy Condo Units. http://bit.ly/mPdUL1

RT @: Bill 168 – Violence and Harassment in the Workplace – has been in force for 1 year.  bit.ly/mHVvIk

RT @CondoandHOALaw: Multimedia, Interactive Legislative Guidebook for Florida Community Ass’ns:   http://bit.ly/iKV9Lw > Wow. Very impressive!

Ont. Ministry of Gov’t Services updates the E-Reg Procedures Guide (v.5, July/11) for the Land Registry system – http://bit.ly/oss6Rs