Here’s my picks for the best condo-related stuff from the Twitterverse, guaranteed to help pass a weekend filled with lousy weather, traffic snarlups, subway detours and downtown marathons.


ONSC: Condo developer breached elaborate terms of a Tarion settlement, engineer appointed to set scope of repair work –

HRTO: Condo super’s claim of being fired for disability dismissed since same issue rejected in earlier ruling by OLRB –

ABQB: Lawyer with iffy retainer signed by developer-controlled condo bd lacks authority to act or to sue for fees –

ONSC extends administrator’s mandate for 12 months at YCC 506, a condo "in extremis" –

HRTO dismisses human rights complaint of married woman offended by condo board addressing her as "Miss."

ONSC orders referendum on whether notoriously troubled Toronto condo will emerge from court administration.

HRTO: Condo pool rules fixing kids swim hours and banning diapered babies struck down as discriminatory. $10K fine.

ONSC: Unit owners’ failure to pay condo common expenses leads to mortgage default; bank may exercise power of sale.

ONSC denies owners’ bid to discharge condo administrator but sets a process and future hearing for owners’ input.

OLRB welcomes Peel Condominium Corp. No. 57 to the [insert adjective here] world of unionized superintendents.  


Condo Hotel Lawyer: What is happening with the condo hotel sector? – Hotel Law Blog

RT @tarleyrobinson: New blog post: HOAs, ADA, and FHA: regulating "Service or Assistance Animals"

RT @condobusiness: Noise issues can be such a challenge in condos and rental apartment buildings.

RT @condobusiness: Does your condo limit amenity use by children? It may not hold up in court.

When turning down the radio just won’t do. > Condo Living: Soundproofing – House & Home

RT @colmbrannigan: I have posted a short article on Condo #Mediation/Arbitration from a panel "Mediate, Arbitrate or Court?" at

RT @chris_antipas: The importance of ongoing education of all owners. Digital version of Condo Business (pg29):

Independent contractors are considered "workers" for health and safety purposes


RT @CBCWindsor: Cat rescue group proposes cat condo site: Feral felines in southwestern Ontario may get their own cat condos …

RT @canetwork: Canada: Banks don’t look at names, signatures on cheques (condo treasurer takes $50k)

There were ~ 4,200 condo completions in Q1-2011 and ~11,700 scheduled for the remainder of 2011, for a total of 15,900 per @Urbanation

Lawyer wannabe appeals Law Society finding that his condo board hijinx shows bad character. (@LegalFeedsblog)

Condo board antics can have a lasting impact! Would-be lawyer rejected by Ontario’s Law Society for poor character

Condo board shenanigans can derail a young person’s career. Ask this guy. "Lawyers behaving badly" –

Computer misuse charge dropped against police sgt. for unauthorized computer check on a resident in his condo –

@CCIGHC‘s "Fair tax for condos" campaign gains foothold in Waterloo region. Wilmot to look into fair tax issue

NIMBYism is alive and well. Condo dwellers balk at homeless centre: (


BC’s foray into condo manager regulation plagued by politics. VanSun: Putting strata owners first could help families

Calgary condo unit owners start moving back in, one year after massive fire

Is condo board acting reasonably here? Tough call. Disabled residents locked out of their condo shower room

Condo complex sparring with Canada Post over denied service – (@EdmontonSun)


RT @MortonsMusings: Iran tries to make it illegal to own a dog: | Tehran condo boards probably support the idea.

Lemme guess – he’s self-represented?? Lawyer’s suit vs. developer claims condo was missing 109 sq. ft. (@ABAJournal)

Lawyer who sued over 109 missing sq. feet in his condo wins $150K settlement – ABA Journal:

Synagogue ousted from condo unit in Palm Beach

Proposed deregulation of property managers in Florida shelved thx to efforts of Donna’s @CondoandHOALaw group. Kudos!

Non-smoking movement gains ground in Big Apple co-ops. Smoking Bans Hitting Home –

Board acting like boobs? NYTimes: Breast-Feeding Boutique in Feud with Condo Board