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Court / Tribunal Cases

ONSC: Status Certificate bars condo corp from requiring purchaser to restore interior wall to original condition. http://bit.ly/ggLYHj

ONSC: Unit owner can assess condo’s legal costs of enforcing declaration, by-laws, rules under Condo Act, s.135(4). http://bit.ly/9e98jV

ONCA: Board cannot use Condo Act s.112 to terminate obligation in declaration to buy a supers unit from developer. http://bit.ly/9AsHQJ

ONSC refuses mortgagee’s bid to replace the court-appointed administrator of a deeply troubled condo corporation. http://bit.ly/apO8t9

ONSC rejects developer’s scheme to avoid paying big judgment to Toronto #condo corp after 10 yrs of litigation. http://bit.ly/cTungB http://bit.ly/fuST2N

ONHRT to proceed with human rights case vs Peel Condo 766 w/o further notice unless their board acts fast. Wake up! http://bit.ly/9LpVC0

ABQB: Developer to pay common expenses for its condo units after claims over sweetheart deal and set-off rejected. http://bit.ly/huFi1a

ONCA slashes (from $900K to $50K) condo corp’s judgment vs roofing contractor over 1995 roof repair gone wrong. http://bit.ly/hmmOKg

Legal Commentary

Condo Act s.29: Directors can’t be incapable of managing property. When will court assess capacity? http://bit.ly/9qNvLc (@Megan_Connolly)

Condo insurance coverage has some special wrinkles – http://bit.ly/bzVZQV (@GlobeandMail)

Disclosure exposure? Only where condo developers misstate or omit material details in disclosure statements – http://bit.ly/bWTLFL

RT @califcondoguru New at CondoLawGuru: The Perils and Pitfalls of Running a Blog Against the Board http://bit.ly/bxSTeQ

Is privacy a "bogeyman?" Court awards no damages for breach of PIPEDA privacy rights.    http://bit.ly/fChwWp 

Misc. Articles

Truer words never spoken – When Co-op Shareholders & Condo Unit-Owners sue, they sue themselves http://bit.ly/a9pxoo (via @habitatmag)

RT @condobusiness Sometimes condominium managers have to make tough decisions. http://fb.me/NLmXBKJB

RT @habitatmag Co-op / Condo Boards: Learn how to deal with the press — a guide keeping your building off the 6 o’clock news! http://tinyurl.com/25rnqck

RT @hoamgtcom You Can Squeal, but Fighting the Homeowners Association Is a Slippery Slope. http://bit.ly/g825DE

Cool Stuff

RT @JoanneRoyce Great free e-learning training on Ontario Human Rights http://www.ohrc.on.ca/hr101/

RT @blogto: What a $128,000 Toronto condo looks like –> http://bit.ly/fkGyhW

RT @clickflickca: What a $12.8 million dollar condo looks like in Toronto http://bit.ly/hOZefm (@BlogTO)

Ontario News

Grow-op busted in maintenance area of Toronto condo bldg. 2,500 marijuana plants worth $2.5M seized – @680News: http://bit.ly/9wkEXK

RT @BuzzBuzzHome BUSTED! Scarborough condo employees running $2.6 million grow-op.  http://bit.ly/ay3mfz

Driver crushed to death trying to access underground garage at #Toronto apt bldg. http://bit.ly/9f9kjc

CCI/ACMO #condo conf concluded yesterday. Crowd loved Maj-Gen. Lewis MacKenzie’s keynote speech on leadership. Inspirational and moving.

RT @canetwork Ont. man says flag wrapped in bylaw dispute ‘not coming down’ http://bit.ly/aqMR1H

Will Harry Stinson prevail? City red tape threatens $30-million hotel http://bit.ly/c5cvt4    (@TheSpec)

Where govt fails, citizens succeed. Tenants and condo dwellers fighting haze of second-hand smoke – http://bit.ly/9DANhk (@TorontoStar)

Double-digit increases in condo fees are fairly common these days – Condo owner deflated by rising fees http://bit.ly/i3VDHL (@TheSpec)

This realtor claims to have coined the term "phantom buyers." http://bit.ly/dZq0S7 Um, no.

RT @ BuzzBuzzHome One Bloor by Great Gulf to start construction in March 2011.    http://bit.ly/g1GneA

RT @VPFranco The problem of untimely enforcement of pet bylaws: How do you choose which dog, Cisco or Sammy, will need a new home? http://ow.ly/3p63T

Condo project pays off for novice developers in Elmira. http://bit.ly/dMPhwa (@WR_Record) | They’re not out of the woods yet.

Canada News

Astonishing admissions by condo squatter. Will he get away with this? Condo buyer determined to make unit his own. http://bit.ly/9YBmDL

Research risks of cellphone towers before it’s too late. http://bit.ly/aih0MO (@VancouverSun)

RT @StrataLawyer Condos rethink cameras over privacy concerns http://bit.ly/gaQ8SE

International News

Overlawyered: $100K battle over pet in NY condo – http://bit.ly/hZacFu

Condos Nightmares And Other Enigmas — Diagnosis: Condo-itis –http://bit.ly/a58c2J

Chicago condo unit owners turn to a fundraiser heavy on goofiness as a way out of their financial hole – http://bit.ly/czQJtW

RT @canetwork Banks face flood of lawsuits over foreclosure missteps http://bit.ly/b6PDQo

RT @canetwork NYC Tenants Fight Against Rooftop Cell Phone Tower http://bit.ly/fZ4EDH

Man shot helping police serve eviction notice at South Beach waterfront condo – MiamiHerald.com http://bit.ly/eU1Pck

The condotel has landed in Vietnam – http://bit.ly/eTWIs8

Lawyer torches own condo unit – The Philippine Star – http://bit.ly/fchV5q

BP Settles Damage Claim by Alabama Condo Developer for $37 Million http://bit.ly/dSv0Ac

RT @StrataLawyer Condo owners watch units collapse around them – OrlandoSentinel.com    http://t.co/y6yVIa2