Is your condo corporation interested in achieving greater energy savings?

If so, check out the seminars and materials available for condo corporations in Toronto through the "TowerWise" program offered by the Toronto Atmospheric Fund, an agency of the City.

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News Release – November 2010

Program helps keep condo living affordable

Beating rising energy costs in condos made easier with energy conservation assistance

Toronto – Many condo residents are facing the unwelcome prospect of significant increases in condo fees due to rising energy costs and the addition of the HST to utility bills.  But smart condo boards are seeing that these rising costs make the economic case for improving their building’s energy efficiency stronger than ever and are taking action to reduce their building’s energy and water use — and to control fees.

Utility costs can account for up to 40% of the average condominium’s operating expenses and are the single largest controllable expense for most condos.   The Toronto Atmospheric Fund’s TowerWise program is dedicated to helping condo residents get control of their energy costs with free expert advice and assistance, including the newly published  Power of Green guide to improving energy efficiency.

The Power of Green guide offers practical step-by-step instructions on how to plan and implement an energy retrofit that could reduce energy use – and bills — by 15-30%.  It covers everything from boilers and chillers to upgrading lighting and adding newly approved motion sensor technology.

“This guide is essential reading for any condo board member or resident who is concerned about keeping maintenance costs in check,” says Bryan Purcell, TowerWise Program Manager for the Toronto Atmospheric Fund (TAF).  “We know most condos are ripe for energy savings and that’s why we have created a package of services to help condos reduce their energy waste — and their climate and air pollution emissions.”

The TowerWise Program is hosting a seminar covering the material in the guide for condo owners on November 23rd at the Metro Central YMCA.  “We’ll walk owners through how to plan a retrofit, how to access incentive programs and how to finance upgrades,” says Rob Detta Colli, the TowerWise Conservation Advisor.  The Conservation Advisor service provides one-window access to a multitude of government and utility incentive programs and is free to condominiums located in the 416 area code.  The first 30 building representatives to register for the seminar will also get a free no-obligation energy assessment of their condominium building.

The new Power of Green Guide and Seminar compliments a series of videos on the basics of planning an energy upgrade produced by the TowerWise program.  “In this series, we demonstrate the tremendous savings that a 30-year-old condo reaped by improving energy performance while also making the building more comfortable for residents,” Purcell explains. “And we de-mystify the rules around approving and financing a condo retrofit.”

Roughly 40% of Toronto residents now live in high rises and 90% of new residential construction in Toronto is condominiums.  “These buildings often use more energy per square foot than your average Toronto single-family house.  The TowerWise program is working to change that by giving condo residents and apartment owners the tools they need to significantly improve their building’s performance,” Purcell says.

The Power of Green Guide, Cutting Your Condo’s Energy Costs videos and other material are all available at

Note to reporters:  The TowerWise program would be happy to connect you with condo residents undertaking building retrofits, the new green “condo makeover.”

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Bryan Purcell
TowerWise Program Manager
Toronto Atmospheric Fund