In addition to the court decisions and newsy items we posted earlier this week, some great tips were posted over the summer that should be of interest to condo property managers, directors and unit owners and prospective condo purchasers.  With such a rich and wide variety of sources, the below items just start to scratch the surface.

Tips and resources for property managers and condo boards

RT @condobusiness Video: Not enough $$ to cover repairs? Genivar and Morrison Financial provide options for reserve fund shortfalls #condo

Good article on how to welcome new board members (via New England Condo mag)

No prob with the rules – it’s how you enforce! RT @Buildium: Hey property managers — Check out Top 7 Insane HOA rules!

RT @habitatmag Co-op / Condo Boards: What are the 9 things every new-resident welcome package should include? Find out now…

Local property managers speak at roundtable discussion on condo security:    (Canadian Security Magazine)

RT @OntMinLabour Employers! A new online tool for you: Interactive Employer Workbook.

Shattering common myths about workplace entitlements in Ontario –

Condo boards should budget accordingly – Steep Increases Forecast for Ontario Electricity Prices

RT @hoamgtcom: When searching for new property management how to find the Best (Not Necessarily the Cheapest) Management Company

Tips for unit owners and prospective purchasers

RT @Make_It_Right: Thinking of making changes to your condo? Follow this checklist to ensure a smooth renovation.

Don’t buy without reading this: A condo buyer’s checklist – (Toronto Sun)

There’s safety in numbers dealing with a ‘condo bully’    (

Read my two cents on smoking in condo units, published in the "Ask the Pro" section of Holmes Magazine (August 2010).

Consider small claims court for real estate disputes worth $25K or less:   (

Get a lawyer to review new condo deal within cooling-off period. Bob Aaron: Undisclosed costs can really add up –

Will $638/sq. ft. be the high water mark for Toronto condos? Garth Turner predicts doom as condo sales cool down:

The heat is definitely off now — Toronto condo market hits "down" button: (via @globeandmail)

This is how rich people get their kids out of the nest: Buy Your Kid A Condo: (@MTLGazette)

That’s all for now, folks. Thanks for reading and please keep your comments coming!