It’s been two long months since we’ve featured the best of our twitterfeed, so a lot of great material has accumulated. In order to break this stuff down into digestible bites, we’ll divide it into three separate posts, sorted by category.  

Due to popular demand, we plan to use at least three standard categories to help busy condo folk and profeessionals focus on the microblog items of greatest interest to them.  Our first categories are: 

  1. Court and Tribunal Decisions
  2. News and Commentary
  3. Tips and Cool Stuff

Further categories will be added as appropriate.  Your tips and comments are always welcome.

Without further ado, let’s start with court and tribunal decisions from around Ontario and across Canada.

Court/Tribunal Decisions

Despite the beautiful weather this summer, lawyers, courts and tribunals have been hard at work. The proof is in the number of condo-related decisions released since July 30. Here are some of the best.

ONSC: Toronto condo liable to pay $50K for assault/battery when super physically ejects a trespasser”

SKPC: Owner responsible for insurance deductible where condo unit floods from ill-informed self-repair of faucet:

ONSC slaps MPAC for "questionable" two-stage property tax assessment process for new condo units:

ONHRT dismisses complaint over "no pets" clause after the same issue was dealt with by arbitrator under Condo Act:

ONSC amends declaration to allow condo corp to unitize and sell unused super suite despite opposition. Bad idea?

ONSC slashes legal costs payable by unit owner under condo lien. Costs of $78K "not reasonable," reduced by 66%. Ouch!

BCSC: Condo should have had proper insurance to cover social host liability claims vs unit owner: (HT @VPFranco)

HRTO allows dog to walk through condo lobby while human rights complaint over that issue is pending –

Deserving special mention is the case of the MTCC 747 v. Korolekh, which will likely emerge as one of the top 5 Ontario condo law cases of the year. Here’s our Twitter coverage of this unusual case.

ONSC finds condo unit owner from hell to be "incorrigible, unmanageable" and orders the sale of her unit:

Neighbour from hell defies court order to sell her condo unit – This lady is in for a bumpy ride.

Quoted by Toronto Star about case of condo unit owner who defies court order to sell her unit.

Unit owner finally smartens up – Condo owner to judge: You win – (

Just did a short interview on CBC Radio about Toronto woman ordered to sell her condo unit. Important that condo dwellers be good neighbours!