As we enter the final four weeks leading up to the Toronto municipal election, the sparks are about to fly in the mayoral campaign.

While this year’s race for mayor has been one of the most interesting in recent history, 36% of voters are still undecided and no one knows much about the candidates’ positions when it comes to the issues that affect condo unit owners specifically.

Issues like garbage fees, municipal taxation rates, city services and future development policies directly and specifically affect the lives and finances of condo dwellers in our city. Why these kinds of issues aren’t front and centre in the mayoral campaign is baffling, since Toronto is home to over 2,100 condo corporations containing tens of thousands of units and hundreds of thousands of voters. The candidates should be ready to take notice and address these issues that face the condo-dwelling electorate and explain why they deserve your vote.

Luckily, the Toronto Chapter of the Canadian Condominium Institute is holding a special debate focused on condo-related issues. All the major candidates will attend. Come out and make sure these guys know for sure that condo unit owners want their voices to be heard.

When:  Thursday, September 30, 2010 at 2:00
Where: Novotel North York Hotel, 3 Park Home Avenue, Toronto
Why:      Find out who understands and can properly address condo issues
Cost:     Free, but you must register now!

A number of special condo-related questions will be put to each of the candidates and questions may be taken from the floor. Better yet, submit your own questions in writing when you register today. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to find out which candidates understand the needs of condo unit owners and who deserves your vote.

Update (10/16):  Visit CCI-Toronto’s site here to see the questions and hear a recording of the candidates’ answers!