Despite the great weather we’re having this summer, there’s lots of court decisions and other news to report on.  Here’s some of the best to ponder over while enjoying the Civic Holiday long weekend (or "Simcoe Day" for those of you celebrating in the City of Toronto).

ONHRT defers unit owner’s human rights case pending completion of corporation’s Condo Act arbitration process:

Let the venting begin! Ontario Government launches condo owners’ survey online:

ON Govt seeks input on proposed "new policy framework" for Tarion’s Major Structural Defect Warranty:

Visited Goderich land titles ofc during my G20 "escape." Only 7 condo corps in all Huron County. Not enuff work for me to relocate there :(

On my desk: Condo corp pays cost to remediate unit used as grow-op. If owner doesn’t repay that cost, condo will lien, seize and sell unit.

Let the good times roll. NY Observer: We Officially Live in the Age of the Condo –

A worker was electrocuted to death at my office tower this morning. MOL to investigate: #ohs

 @pinkskymorning Have fun, but read condo docs carefully before purchasing. If buying new, get a lawyer early in 10 day cool-off period.

Preliminary agenda for 2010 CCI/ACMO Condo Conference (Nov 5-6 in Toronto): My session on digital communities is 3C.

RT @Ontario_Lawyer: Be careful giving references: <But firms are more worried to give good references to bad employees!

 Condo bd needs PR Rep. RT @stephaniesmyth: Poor condo residents in Mississauga without AC for a MONTH! We’re sending a CP24 crew to see you!

Good article on condo fees in @OttawaCitizen – The price of luxury:

RT @BuzzBuzzHome: Downtown Developers want you to name their new condo, and will give you $5,000 for it!

ONSC: Condo unit owner’s lawsuit re maintenance/repairs stayed for failure to mediate/arbitrate per Condo Act s.132:

ONSC awards condo all costs of defaulting unit owner’s failed small claim for “wrongful collection" of condo fees:


ONSC grants leave to appeal in unit owner’s claim vs developer where condo corp already suing re construction defects:

Toronto property mgmt co. fined $20K for disregarding Human Rights Code; fired an employee who revealed she had cancer:

New urban trend? Miami’s Downtown Comes Alive as Condos Fill with Young Renters – (BusinessWeek):

Can we balance green energy condo development and consumer protection? See my quote in @CanLawMag:

RT @community_mngt: Techniques for Monitoring Online Communities: WebVisions Video – (via @blaisegv)

From CAI Ungated blog: CNBC on HOA Foreclosures:

RT: @lisa_clark: How does your garden grow? Thornhill condo provides garden plots to building residents. Great idea! 

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ONSC: Ontario Superior Court of Justice
ONCA: Ontario Court of Appeal
ONHRT: Ontario Human Rights Tribunal
MOL: Ontario Ministry of Labour

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