Here are some of the more newsy condo-related items tweeted on our microblog since mid-March.

Human rights litigation emerging as cost concern for small/medium businesses: (via @globeandmail) – Same for condos!

Renters to be shielded from impact of HST on utilities (via @torontostar): – But condo unit owners have to suck it up! 

RT @RmarcheseMPP: Does your Trinity Spadina condo have an AGM coming up? Let me know–I’d love to come and chat with you and the other residents. 

We hope his Toronto project fares better – Trump condo-hotel in Ft Lauderdale faces foreclosure (via SunSentinel) – 

Workplace Violence and Harassment update – RT @lisastam: New fact sheet from Ontario Ministry of Labour on Bill 168 – 

RT @OntMinLabour: Workplace violence compliance guideline now available from MOL –

Water damage from negligently-designed drainage system not covered under property damage clause (via Cdn Ins Law Blog):

Canuck invasion? Canadians buying up US real estate like crazy (via @housingwatch blog) –

Bob Aaron: Expect to see more condos challenging developer-imposed suite/amenity purchase agreements –

Ottawa Sun: Condo Act doesn’t prohibit convicted pedophiles from buying condo units or serving on the board – [So?]

ONCA: Single family occupancy restriction in condo declaration does not violate Ont Human Rights Code –

Rare case where city seeks destruction of dog – RT @canetwork: Ottawa: ‘Vicious’ pitbull evicted by condo board –

What Does a Condominium Lawyer Do? has an answer –

Condo fee delinquency reaches epic proportion in US; priority lien legislation considered (via @NashuaTelegraph) –

Blogosaurus Lex on Cdn community mediation resources » A Question about Conflict between Neighbours –

On municipal taxes and local services for condos – Condo owners paying the price (via –

1 in 3 Ontario homes is over-assessed for municipal tax, says tax expert (via @globeandmail) –

Mike Holmes Magazine asks me to write a short answer to an "ask the pros" question about 2nd hand smoke in condos. Cool!

BC condo buyers upset over secret discounts on units: (via CBC News – British Columbia) — Caveat emptor.

New to my library: The Law of Nuisance in Canada (LexisNexis, 2010) – Those who pester me after today should beware! :)

OHRT: Condo corp. fails to respond to human rights complaint, is given a final last chance – They better act fast! –

Condo unit owners with noisy dogs, read this: In Ont., offenders are liable for condo’s legal fees, often >$20K.

Don’t stalk your property manager! – NJ man gets probation for condo conflict (via 

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