Here is a sampling of the recent posts on our microblog:

Lincoln Hobbs on this years’ top condo/HOA cases at US College of Community Ass’n Lawyers ‘ annual law conference –

RT @canetwork: NY: Condo complex fined $10,000 for barring mezuzah –

RT @CondoVultures: Banks seize 30,000 South Florida properties In 2009, according to –

Audrey Loeb speaks to Law Times about recent ONCA decision in “hot tub case” known as WCC 198 v McMahon –

Ottawa Citizen: Condos give homeless hope – Mental health association comes to the rescue –

D.C. condo unit owner wins [settles?] court battle with smoker next door –

Ottawa Citizen: Condo mgmt demands removal of big snow fort built by unit owner for his kids in his front yard –

More pics of massive snow fort on front yard of Ottawa townhouse condo illustrates safety hazard – Cool fort, though!

DC Real Estate Guide writes on the pros of joining your condo board – – and also the cons –

ONCA: Condo corp’s insurance doesn’t cover replacement of poorly-designed standpipe system –

Before you buy Florida condos in distressed neighbourhoods, take note: RT @canetwork: With foreclosure comes crime –

Barrie (ON) Examiner reports on condo development trends in that town: "Condo owners living the high life" –

Costs to soar as aging Canadians face rising tide of dementia – Globe and Mail: – How about cost to condo corporations?

New Brunswick to ring in the new year with a new Condominium Property Act – 

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