Nominations are being accepted for the 2009 Canadian Law Blog Awards (or “Clawbies”). These awards recognize the excellent work of legal professionals who share their insight and expertise with the world through a blog.

Details about the awards and the nomination process can be found here.

Here are my nominations for this year:

Toronto Estate Law Blog by Hull & Hull
Coming up on its fourth anniversary, Hull & Hull’s Toronto Estate Law Blog is a landmark of the Toronto law blog scene and continues to be one of the best resources for estate law in Ontario. This blog provides broad coverage of a wide range of issues in this specialty area thanks, in part, to regular posting by the firm’s members on a rotating basis and by guest bloggers. Regular entries include news pieces, case studies and commentary. Further, this blog is one of the local pioneers of podcasting, offering the audience an audio/video experience while transcripts are always available within a week of the podcast. Any lawyer or layperson with an interest in estate law or a live case to handle is well-served by starting their research here and staying tuned.

Environmental Law & Litigation Blog by Dianne Saxe
Toronto lawyer Dianne Saxe’s Envirolaw blog is a goldmine for environmental law news, analysis and resources. This blog might become best-known for its extensive coverage of Ontario’s recently-enacted Green Energy Act since much of the public input, debate, commentary and analysis for this statute is recorded in this blog, whose author was one of the leading experts in making the bar’s submissions on that Act. When the day comes that a general practitioner needs in-depth analysis of the nuts and bolts of the Green Energy Act or other environmental legislation, they wouldn’t go to the legislative library to read Hansard – they’d go to Dr. Saxe’s blog.

Ontario Real Estate Source by Brian Madigan
Brian Madigan is a real estate broker who practiced law for 25 years. He updates his blog daily with high-quality pieces on the local real estate market, finances, and law. The legal areas covered include real property, agency, contract and much more, with case law studies and commentary. It’s common for a single topic to be covered with a substantive piece for each of several days, which gives readers a very in-depth view of the topic. While this blog’s standard Blogger platform doesn’t provide good search capability (a shame), the content is top-notch and will appeal to lawyers and laypeople alike.

To see the nominations of other bloggers, go to Twitter and search for #clawbies2009.

Good luck to all of the nominees!