Follow chrisjaglowitz on TwitterI’ve been using Twitter for the last few months as a way to quickly and easily share news I find in the news or blogosphere by posting a "tweet."   I can also  "re-tweet" interesting items posted in the media or by other condo or legal professionals.   

With a maximum limit of 140 characters per tweet, one has to choose words carefully, abbreviate where possible and, above all, be brief.  Each tweet will typically contain a single thought or concept.   This gives rise to the term "microblogging" which is discussed in Wikipedia here.

From time to time, I’ll republish some of my microblog posts or "tweets" here on our main blog for you to enjoy.   These tweets will frequently contain links to other blogs or newspaper websites where you can read more details about the story, so be sure to click those links.  

We hope you enjoy this new feature.   Comments and newsflashes are always welcome.

Here are some of the recent microblog posts:

Calgary pagan claims religious discrimination when condo bd demands removal of gargoyles from his front step –

Toronto theatre troupe performs sketch-like improv commentary on condo living –

Shopping for a condo means taking a hard look at fees – Winnipeg Free Press –

Parkview Point Condo Manager Busted for Organized Fraud – Miami News –

Chicago Sun-Times: Lawsuit vs. condo over Jewish doorpost symbol and Friday nite board meetings hangs in there –

Red Deer Advocate – Red Deer couple feel like ‘prisoners’ as condo board refuses access ramp –

A home-based business and condo-dwelling often don’t mix – (via @globeandmail)

RT @HicksMorley: AODA Update: Final Proposed Employment Accessibility Standard Released. #EmploymentLaw

Is a condo a good investment? Some buildings "a time bomb of costs." (via @globeandmail)

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