Here are some of the many interesting condo-related items from around the blogosphere last month.  Click the bolded titles to view the original entries.

Virginia homeowner may lose home because of failure to fund reserves – The HOA Legi-Slate blog of law firm HindmanSanchez in Colorado cites a heart-wrenching story of a condo board’s failure to properly fund its reserve leading to a special assessment of $15,000 per unit in order to raise the $2 million needed for emergency repairs. A recently laid-off unit owner stands to lose her home as a result. This piece contains helpful lessons for board members and for unit owners, who should remember that this scenario can easily happen anywhere, especially when directors are elected on the ever-popular (but foolish) "zero increase" platform.

How to pick the right attorney for your community – Florida HOA attorney and blogger Donna Berger gives some pointers on choosing lawyers that will best serve your community association. I say (with tongue-in-cheek) to select the firm with the best condo law blog!

Alzheimer’s Advance: 115-million by 2050 – Toronto trusts and estates lawyers Hull & Hull discuss a recent report pointing to an imminent explosion in Alzheimer’s cases around the world. Start asking how this trend will impact your condo and what you should do to prepare. Consider asking a local estates lawyer to give an info session to your residents on the importance of having their personal care affairs in order.

Illinois Manager Licensing FAQUngated, the blog of the Community Associations Institute, reports that law has now passed regulating the property management profession in Illinois starting in January 2010. An FAQ page is presented. 

Aging in Place: A New Plan for the Suburbs? – In a rather futuristic piece, California lawyer Tyler Berding predicts the coming end of suburban neighbourhoods as we know them and suggests that aging condominiums and their residents may become the building blocks for a new way of living.