Q: What percentage of unit owners is required to approve a modification of the maintenance and repair obligations contained in a condominium declaration?

A: 90%, as required by section 107(2)(d) of the Condominium Act, 1998.


Q: If two different proxy holders show up at an annual general meeting and they each hold a proxy from the same unit owner but the proxies were signed on different dates, which proxy is valid?

A: The most recent proxy is the valid one, often because most forms of proxy contain the words: “I (We) revoke all proxies previously given.”


Q: Is it correct that no board member can sit more than 2 – 3 year terms? What happens next? Do they take a year off and run again the following year?

A: The Condominium Act, 1998 contains no restrictions as to the number of terms a director can serve. Some corporations’ by-laws may contain term limits, in which case the by-law may specify any additional restrictions or procedures. Term limits are not a very good idea because it is often hard to find volunteers willing to spend the time and effort to serve on the Board.