Now that most condo corporations in the Greater Toronto Area are paying for garbage disposal on the basis of volume or weight, it is increasingly important to divert heavy, bulky and recyclable items from the regular garbage stream.   Electronic waste (or "e-waste") is a big issue.

A recent story in the Toronto Star summarizes a number of new options for the proper disposal of e-waste such as computers, printers and televisions.   Check out the story here.

Then consider things that you can do at your condominium:

  1. Organize a special day to collect and dispose of e-waste for your residents.
  2. Spread information about new municipal and provincial initiatives and how owners can use them to safely dispose of unwanted electronics.
  3. Let owners know the cost of garbage collection and encourage responsible disposal to help minimize these growing costs.

Not only does diverting e-waste help your condo corporation’s bottom line, it helps protect the environment by keeping heavy metal and toxic waste out of our landfills and allows those components to be recycled.