Daily Commercial News reports on the swag being distributed by more than 1100 exhibitors at PM Expo and shares some of the sights and scenes of the show, which ends at 1 p.m. today.   Last call!

Dozens of seminars and workshops informed and educated hundreds of people over the past two days.   I was one of many  in attendance for the "Mould, Moisture and Related Building Envelope Failures" workshop given by Bruce Stewart and Phil Brearton of Pinchin Environmental.   A handful of their many excellent points included:

  • Municipalities are now required to inspect a building if notified by police that the building housed a marijuana grow-op (which are notorious for causing ruinous mould infestations);
  • In 2004, the Canadian Construction Association developed and published guidelines for dealing with mould in various stages and circumstances, including initial construction of buildings and in remediating subsequent infestations — worth being aware of;
  • A maintenance tip to help prevent water entering into a building:  Don’t make repairs overtop existing repairs.   While caulking over existing caulk might look nice and make us feel secure, it is an ineffective repair. 

Some additional information from Pinchin (thanks, Bruce!) on dealing with water damage and mould growth can be found here and the full PowerPoint presentation from the seminar is here.   Stay dry.