With Halloween behind us and Christmas preparations about to begin, it’s time to highlight some of the most notable blog posts on condo-related issues for the past two months.

South of the border, the foreclosure crisis is front and centre. Homeowners plead for relief from their debts, politicians in full election mode speak of foreclosure moratoriums, and commentators ponder the impact of such plans on the housing market. All the while, condos and HOAs caught in the squeeze are looking for help. The law bloggers are stepping up to help by providing timely insight and expertise. Here’s a sampling:

In other condo-related news . . . 

Welcoming and Educating New Residents – This piece from the Associa Living blog suggests a more holistic method of welcoming newcomers to your community, both owners and “residents” alike. These concepts may pay off quite handsomely and improve cohesion in your complex and reduce potential problems.

The Owner Put a Sukkah Where? – If it is Sukkot, condo lawyers can be assured of getting calls asking what to do about Sukkahs. This short piece by Swedelson & Gottlieb associate Stephanie Rohde is a good primer on the typical issues arising from this annual observance.

Plug it in Where? – Electric cars will become popular one day and condo unit owners will expect to plug them in at home. Joe at the Community Associations Considerations blog has started thinking of the sorts of issues that will arise. In Plug It In Where? Part 2, Joe offers additional issues to be considered depending on the particular type of parking at your complex.

How to deal with police and other government officials–what is the association’s obligation? – Have you got coppers and feds knocking at your doors and wanting access and information? Florida blogger Ryan Poliakoff describes a number of helpful suggestions to help you approach these situations sensibly.

Mold Problems, Mold Lawsuits, Mold Injuries – New Jersey attorney Stuart Lieberman features a piece on “The Truth About Black Mold.”   This is scary stuff, kids.

Five Things Every Condominium Manager and Board Member Should Know Before Starting a Renovation – Doing some work on the common elements this year? Be sure to follow these hot tips from Chicago construction attorney David Lewin.

Steep Increases Forecast for Ontario Electricity Prices – Canadian Capitalist sounds the alarm on hydro costs. If you’re setting your electricity budgets based on rosy forecasts or Premier McGuinty’s nebulous promises to address rising electricity rates, you’d better think again and get ready to dig deeper.

Fire at Park South Condo in Lauderhill Leaves One Woman Dead – The Florida Personal Injury Lawyer Blog reports on a nasty fire in a condo unit resulting in the owner’s death. It was later revealed that the deceased owner was a hoarder, prompting Florida condo lawyer Donna DiMaggio Berger to ask: Did cluttered condominium unit contribute to fatality? 

Hoarders in Condo Units – Here in Toronto, we saw a similar case where a fire destroyed a hoarder’s apartment. Luckily, no one died, but such situations are probably far more common than we’d care to think. In one of its inaugural pieces, The Condo Reporter blog offers insight and resources for dealing with such situations. We welcome Denise Lash and her firm’s condo law department to the blogosphere!

Settlement Factors to Consider – Is your condo involved in litigation and your board is unsure how to approach the concept of settlement? Toronto litigator Christopher Caruana thoughtfully lays out some considerations that will provide a better perspective and help get your mind in proper gear.