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Condo Act reformer moves on to new challenges

Posted in News and Events
After this long weekend, many of us following Ontario’s Condo Act Review process will refocus on the imminent tabling of a draft new Condo Act. Those involved in the review process found it to be an innovative and interesting one that was championed by a senior government official who, sadly, will not be returning to [&hellip… Continue Reading

Powers of attorney essential for condo unit owners

Posted in Financial Issues, Living Together, News and Events
OBA BIG BOX3-03To encourage people to carefully consider and protect their families, assets and affairs, the Ontario Bar Association has made April its “Make a Power of Attorney Month.” A power of attorney (“POA”) is a legal document that gives someone else the right to act on a person’s behalf. These documents can be used to oversee [&hellip… Continue Reading

Lincoln on lawyers

Posted in Living Together, News and Events
Today is the 150th anniversary of the Gettysberg Address, one of the most famous speeches in history.  It was given by Abraham Lincoln, one of the most extraordinary people to ever walk the earth. Before becoming President of the United States, Lincoln was a lawyer.   From his notes, we see that his thoughts on [&hellip… Continue Reading